Friday, October 19, 2012

Review: Riding her Tiger by Doris O'Connor

Title: Riding her Tiger
Author: Doris O'Connor
ebook only
Published: May 1st 2012
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Series: Club Ink #1
58 pages

Can one night change your life forever?

Estelle has been lusting after her kinky boss Nathan for ages, but how do you snare a much older Dom? You enlist the help of the internet.

Matched to exploration facilitator Ink, Estelle explores her submissive fantasies to the full. When online sex turns into a real life ménage, will a case of mistaken identity ruin her chances with Nathan?

Or will the shifter claim his mate?

My Review:
When I write my review I want to tell you enough about a book that you will get a eel for if you will love it or not want to bother without giving away the book and spoiling it for you, The shorter the book the harder this can be. This is fair warning as to why this review may be shorter than average.
Yes I am on of those people who don't want to know whats in the Christmas present, I love the surprise.

On to my review, Estelle has wanted her boss for ever but Nathan is into the BDSM lifestyle pretty heavy and that is something that Estelle has never gotten into. However she is willing to try so that she can get her bosses attention now that he is single.

Estelle decides the best way is to have some instruction and introduction to the lifestyle before she approaches Nathan so she doesn't look like a fool. She is to meet up with Ink and have that instruction.

All of this could be just another BDSM romance but this one has a twist, the characters are shifters, now that could make things feel unnatural (hehe unnatural paranormal romance) but Ms. O'Connor has made this all mesh together into a well written story that is as hot as Malibu during wildfire season.

I would have loved to have seen a longer story out of these characters, however there is a second book in the series. So sit back, take some me time, fill up a bubble bath or hide in the back yard for a little bit and enjoy the hot sexy tiger shifters, the BDSM and the menage scene that will have you reaching for a cold drink.

Riding Her Tiger gets Red Roses from me!

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