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Lord Of Devil Isle by Mia Marlowe

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I have to tell you I LOVE Mia Marlowe's work, when given the chance to review the re-release of Lord of Devil Isle I jumped at the chance. I had the chance to ask Mia a few questions...

Mia, you write mainly historic romance, do you ever wish you lived in the Regency era?

Mia: While I adore history and I love the manners and dress of the 19th century, I am addicted to little niceties like hot and cold running water, modern medicine and being treated like a fully actualized adult. Remember my stories present a romanticized version of the era. In reality, women were legally viewed as children or mental incompetents. Plus while the regency heroine is insulated from manual labor, most women of that time worked very hard indeed. If a chambermaid got half a day off a week, she had a very liberal employer.

Who inspired you to start writing? Why Historic romance?

Mia: I met Eboni Snoe, a romance author whose husband worked with mine. She’s a fascinating person who knows her craft. She gave me the confidence that I could learn to write too. Historical romance made sense because that’s the sort of love story that moves me. Plus, I’m “current culture stupid.” I’d have to do even more research to write a contemporary than I do for a historical!

Do you have a favorite book? a favorite one of yours?

Mia: I have lots of favorite books, but one that calls me back is MM Kaye’s The Far Pavilions. This doorstop of a book is set in British India and makes me feel as if I’ve lived the adventure.

I can’t pick one of my books as a favorite because I love them all. It would be like choosing a favorite child. However, there is a special place in my heart for MAIDENSONG, my very first book. It’s set in the 9th century, so it’s not your average romance. (And it’s on sale now for only $1.99!)

What does your writers den look like?

Mia: Since I live in a condo right now, I don’t have a dedicated office. But I have a “writer’s corner” in our bedroom. I write in a recliner positioned so I can look out onto the Mystic River, with my dogs Harry and Mack snugged on either side of me.

Fun questions

Dark or milk chocolate
Mia: Definitely dark

Halloween or Christmas
Mia: No question. Christmas. Absolutely.

Pirate or highwayman
Mia: Pirate!

Hot or cold

Mia: Hmmm. Since I’ve started having an “eternal internal summer,” cold is good. When you’re flashing, the last thing you need is more heat.

Rich and loveless marriage or poor and blissfully in love

Mia: Poor and in love of course. My DH and I were dirt poor when we married. Our first home was a sorry 40 X 8 trailer with such messed up vinyl flooring it looked as if someone had been flamenco dancing in football cleats. The bathroom was so small you had to back into it. You had to be in love to live there, but I don’t remember feeling ill used at the time. We were together. That was all that mattered. Even though we’re much more comfortable now, being together is still all that matters.

Tell me your dream vacation

Mia: I love to cruise. If money were no object, I’d embark on a round the world cruise and send you all blog updates of every port.

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Prison …
Shipwreck …
Shark Attack ...

Is Eve Upshall jumping from the frying pan into the fire when she lets a half-naked stranger pull her from the stormy sea? Captain Nicholas Scott is a rogue who takes advantage of every situation, whether it’s salvaging priceless loot or seducing a proper lady. And he makes it very clear he plans to take advantage of his new find in the most delicious way possible.

Eve’s whole future depends on everyone believing she is the soul of propriety. But with Nick refusing to transport her to her prospective bridegroom, and the balmy Bermuda nights whispering of unimaginable pleasures, how can any woman resist the lure of the … Lord of Devil Isle.


Eve Upshall has had it hard, falsely accused she landed in prison. When she does manage to get a way out the ship she is on runs aground on the coral outside of Bermuda (Devil Isle before the British renamed it) when she jumps into the ocean to save her friend she is soon surrounded by sharks. All of this is bad but worse is being rescued by the sexy Captain Nicholas Scott, who was on his way to claim the wreck as salvage when he takes notice of the three young women about to be attacked by sharks.

Nicholas Scott loves women, but they are to stay firmly in the mistress category after being betrayed by his wife who while dying admits to an affair with his then friend. Everyone on Devil Isle looks to Nick as the Lord of the island and he feels a responsible for them. He like to portray himself as a tough pirate but he really is just a wounded soul in need of the love of a good woman who can also put him in his place.

After Nick rescues Eve and her friends he puts them up in his house and commits to finding them husbands, as they were traveling to the Colonies to meet husbands and now because of the storm and ship wreck Eve's friends have no desire to go anyplace on a boat again. Nick is convinced he can make Eve his mistress, Eve doesn't want to be anyone's mistress or wife on Devil Isle, she wants to go to Richmond to find her family that is living there.

This is an extremely fun book with Eve trying to come off as a lady but having the mouth of a sailor and Nick who is always trying to be the big bad pirate when really he is a nice guy (mostly) This story has steamy sex scenes, pirate rivalry, verbal sparing between the hero and the heroine as well as the side stories of √Čve's friends and traveling companions, the American revolution and even a cold blooded murder or two.

Well written, sexy and hot without being smutty, funny, heartwarming and a wonderful adventure. A five flower book all the way around!



Mia has graciously offered a e-book of MY LADY BELOW STAIRS, her Christmas eNovella to a random commentor. It can be international--anywhere they can accept Kindle or Nook, Thank you so much for coming by Mia and for your generous giveaway



  1. Great interview! I think it is wonderful that a friend of yours gave you the confidence to write! :)
    Has she read any of your stories?
    Loved the review of Lord of Devil Isle! It sounds like a fun one. :)
    Is it part of a series?
    I am adding it to my TBR.
    Trb0917 at

    1. Tina I hope it turns out to be a series cause it was so fun!

    2. She and I knew each other in 2001. My first book wasn't published till 2006 and by that time, we'd both moved to different cities and lost touch.

      Lord of Devil Isle isn't a series, but I am working on one called the Regency Rakes. Look for WAKING UP WITH A RAKE in Jan 2013!

  2. "Current culture stupid" is a most interesting term but one I think I fall into being as well! It's no wonder I prefer Historical Romance to contemporary anytime.

    Eve sounds vaguely familiar ... is this part of a series? I do like the sound of the brash hero who's hiding a wounded soul.

    1. Linda, looks like Mia is working on series this just isn't part of one. Still a great book!