Sunday, October 14, 2012

Review: Ready and Willing by Selena Blake

Blurb:Ava Garnier is the middle daughter of WhitePaw's Alpha pair and she's spent almost a decade preparing to take over her father's role as leader of the Pack.

There's one big snag and his name is Kaden Black. Kaden assumes that because he's the Beta of the pack, the position is automatically his.

Ava's had a crush on Kaden for years but he's never given her the time of day...until her sister marries his best friend. Now sparks are flying and there's only a week until her father decides who will become the next Alpha of WhitePaw pack. The question is, who will come out on top?

My Review:
Our introduction to Ava and Kaden comes at the wedding of Ava'a younger sister. As the maid of honor and the best man, Kaden had introduced his best friend to Ava's sister and now with all the emotion of a wedding Kaden is realizing that while his feelings up until now had been (as best as he could make them) sisterly, he is now noticing things about her he hadn't before.
Ava has been crushing on Kaden for many years but he has always treated her with a sisterly distance and she is pretty frustrated by that, it doesn't hurt that Kaden looks amazing in his tux.

The sexual tension in Ready and Willing is evident from the very beginning pages of the book. Ms Blake works it and builds it to a fevered pitch while building a charming story about the daughter who only wanted to please her father and the orphaned outsider who has risen through the ranks of the WhitePaw pack to become the pack Beta.
This is paranormal romance at its best, the fact that the characters in the book are werewolves just seems natural, never like an afterthought. The world of the WhitePaw pack is built in this novel to allow for a series to come from it, however the story line in the book has it's happily ever after and is as far as I know a stand alone book. It would be wonderful to see a whole series written to follow this one. The build of the sexual heat and the relationship of the hero and the heroine is a lot like the anticipation when you have a gift and you know you will open it soon, and just like opening that gift the build up and the anticipation is well worth the wait. With some hot, steamy and battery draining scenes the climax of the book is a panty-wringer!
Ms. Blake I enjoyed your book a great deal, I would love to see more of the WhitePaw pack. Dear reader this is a wonderful read and a fun, feel good book. I give Ready and Willing my highest rating of Chocolate and Roses!
Happy Reading, Carin

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