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Review Ballroom Blitz by Lorelei James

Title: Ballroom Blitz
Author: Lorelie James
Release: October 2nd 2012
Published by: Samhain Publishing, Ltd
123 pages
sequel to a 2008 anthology called Wicked Garden

She’s got the rhythm, but he’s got all the right moves.

A Two to Tango story.

After years on the road, rock drummer Jon White Feather is home from tour to reassess his music career. When his shy niece begs him to take a ballroom dancing class, Jon agrees, aware he’s not Fred Astaire material. Still, it stings when his sexy-hot instructor—who makes his heart do the cha-cha—deals his ego a low blow: he has no rhythm.

Maggie Buchanan is doing everything to make ends meet since her IT career fizzled, including teaching couples dancing at the community center. She’s prepared for anything—except her immediate attraction to the bad boy rocker who doesn't know his right foot from his left.

As Jon sets out to prove he can rock his body—and hers—their sexual chemistry burns a path across the dance floor, straight to the bedroom. And Maggie wasn't expecting a man with limited dance skills would know exactly how to sweep her off her feet.

My Review:
Jon White Feather, know with his band as Johnny Feather, walks into a ballroom dance class he promised his niece he would take her to knowing he has two left feet but wanting to be their to help his niece do something that makes her feel good about herself. When he lays eyes on Maggie he is immediately smitten.

Maggie Buchanan loved to dance as a teen but she bowed to family pressure to do the logical thing and got a degree in IT so she could get a "real" job. When corporate downsizing catches her and she is out of a job she moves home to South Dakota and picks up a part time job teaching couples ballroom dance .

Jon and Maggie have instant chemistry and the sexual heat is evident almost from the start of the book. Maggie is wary of the bad boy Jon presents as a public image and doesn't want to be just the flavor of the week. Jon isn't used to women not throwing themselves at him and finds he likes the challenge that Maggie presents.

With his carrier going through some changes and new bands wanting to meet with him Jon find he is being pulled in many different directions. Maggie still looking for a full time job in IT is also preparing for regional and national dance competitions she isn't sure if she wants to keep dancing or chase down the IT job leads that she has.

Ms James as has done it again with another fantastic book that is so well written you fall in love right along with the characters she has written. She does a amazing job telling the story of two artists at cross roads in there lives and the hot steamy love affair that can either complicate decisions or make those decisions for them.
Even with this being a short novel the story is so well crafted that we don't feel like anything was left out and it never feels like the story was rushed.

I give Ballroom Blitz my highest rating of Chocolate and Roses!

I purchased my copy of this book at Amazon

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