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Indie Author Review! Magic In The Storm by Meredith Bond

Here at My Reading Obsession I want to highlight and give recognition to any author that writes a book worth reading, I love the self publishing movement that is allowing authors to get their work out there and let us enjoy it. So today I want to share with you an Indie author that I just know you are going to love!

Title: Magic In The Storm
Author: Meredith Bond

Kindle Edition: 395 pages
Published: January 28th 2012

Morgan is trapped and powerless.
The seventh child of the seventh child has always been a girl. Until Morgan Vallentyn was born. Because he’s male he can’t access the magical powers that should have been his . In order to attain his destiny, he’s first got to escape his home and find the source of his power – in the most unexpected of places.

Adriana would give up everything for her freedom.
Born to paint the natural world with unprecedented passion and vision, Adriana Hayden is bound by the laws of 19th century English society to her scheming guardian. But after meeting the handsome and mysterious Morgan, her world begins to open to enchanted possibilities she could never have imagined.

The only way to fulfill their destinies is for each to unlock the powers of the other – through the magic in the storm.

My Review:
Morgan Vallentyne is a descendant of the great Morgan le Fey being the seventh child of the seventh child he should have more magic than anyone to date, He doesn't seem to however and all because he had the nerve to be born a boy. His mother is so upset she hates Morgan just for that fact and mistreats him his entire life.

Adriana Hayden lost her parents young and has been in the hands of her power hungry, political status climbing guardian, Lord Devaux, ever since. She is an amazing painter and it is her one true passion and Lord Devaux uses her love of painting to help control her and force her to do his will.

Morgan and Adriana meet when Lord Devaux arranges for Adriana to marry Morgan's older brother Lord Vallentyne. Adriana wanders in the woods on the estate of Lord Vallentyne and comes across Morgan in the cottage in the woods his mother has forced him to live in.

Morgan and Adriana have instant chemistry but between the 19th century morals and her fear of repercussion from Lord Devaux, Adriana flees from her feelings for Morgan back to London. The adventure continues when Morgan manages to escape his mothers magic to chase after the only thing that makes him truly happy, Adriana!

This book is a fantastic mix of the paranormal and a regency romance! It has action, excitement, magic, love, hate, social climbing, power grabbing and even a part in the story for Lord Byron the poet. The mix of magic and regency blend into a beautiful story that has you fall in love with Morgan and Adriana and despise Morgan's mother and Adriana's guardian Lord Devaux.

I highly recommend this book and give my highest rating of Chocolate and Roses!!

Happy Reading, Carin

also available for Nook

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