Thursday, October 18, 2012

ARC NetGalley Review: A SEAL at Heart by Anne Elizabeth

Title: A SEAL at Heart
Author: Anne Elizabeth
Mass Market Paperback:
352 pages
Expected publication:
December 4th 2012
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

Being a SEAL means everything to Petty Officer First Class John Roaker. So when a head injury coupled with a bout of amnesia makes him undeployable, he has to find a way to heal from his wounds and recover his lost memories. Enlisting the help of beautiful psychoanalyst Laurie Smith, he discovers his unlocked memories hold a dangerous secret about his last mission that threatens his life, his country, and the woman he's starting to fall in love with.

My Review:

John Roaker (Jack as everyone calls him) is a career SEAL and when a OP he is on goes sideways and he loses not only his swim buddy, Don, but when an injury also causes him to loose a large chunk of his memory of that OP it puts his career in jeopardy.

Laurie Smith grew up with SEAL's her dad was a SEAL and when he died the man that adopted her was a SEAL. Laurie knew better than to get involved with a SEAL. Laurie also recognizes she has no social life or sex life to speak of. When Jack, the hunky SEAL, she meets at a fund raiser makes a move how can she say no.

Jack has to return his memories of the night of his head injury or he will be put on desk duty. For Jack nothing could be worse than being put on desk duty. He is sick of the group therapy sessions they are making him take as well as the chats with the physiatrist, he doesn't see any progress from working with them.
When he meets Laurie and she thinks she may be able to help him with some alternative therapy he decides to go for it, it doesn't hurt that part of this therapy involves sexy Laurie giving him a deep tissue massage.

With time running out Jack needs to find his memories so he can clear his name that a couple of team mates are smearing, get permission to be active again and know what happened so he can face his swim buddies wife and daughter. Through all of the wild ride that Jack takes to get his memories back and to heal Laurie is there to help and to fall head over heels for Jack and Jack for her.

I really liked that Ms. Elizabeth was able to keep so much of this story as accurate as possible, Things like the layout of Coronado Island and the North Island base there or the vernacular used by the SEAL's, there family and community surrounding them. The book was written in a way that it was suspenseful, romantic and funny, it drew you in with the action at the beginning and then you jump in feet first to the sexual chemistry between Jack and Laurie. I found the book to be gripping and heart warming at the same time and was able to immerse myself in the story along with the characters.

I give A SEAL at Heart my highest rating of Chocolate and Roses!

Happy Reading, Carin

I received this book in exchange for an honest review, thank you NetGalley!

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