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The Pirates of Vampire Island (Steamy Voyages #1) $25 Givaway & review

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Series: Steamy Voyages, Series #1
Author: Phoenix and Lover Boy
Publisher: Self (Amazon and B&N)
Length: 61,700 words
Genres: Paranormal Romance (Adventure)
Heat Level: Sizzling

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*Author Blurb*:
Pretty Jane O'Doherty always chooses the wrong kind of guys. Her specialty seems to be guys who have serious flaws and who break her heart.
Her last breakup was a year ago and still she can hear his final words, "I'm sorry, Jane. I've found someone else."
A 30-day cruise through the exotic Indonesian Islands with her best friend seems like the perfect distraction to mend her broken heart.

On board, she meets devastatingly gorgeous Nick, who attracts women in droves, including our lovely Jane.
And she meets Peter, who is the cute geek with puppy dog eyes.
Will either one just lead to another broken heart?
Should she run the other way from them both and just enjoy the cruise?
But before Jane can decide, the ship is attacked by modern day pirates.

Unlike the pirates of old, these guys are vampires and are more interested in human treasure than gold and jewels.
They take over the ship and take twelve women hostage.
And the handsome pirate leader—with eerie chalk-white skin, and red eyes, is looking for a special prize. He wants a woman for his mate and queen . . .

Jane catches his eye, but she, along with Nick and Peter, manage to escape in a lifeboat and onto the open sea.
They drift for fourteen days before finally finding an island.
But the fates are cruel, and their island turns out to be the home of the pirates and the lair of the Vampire.

The Pirates of Vampire Island is non-stop action . . . filled with adventure, suspense . . . and steamy romance.

*My Review*
What a better way to get over a broken heart than to go on a fun cruise and learn to scuba, at least that is what Jane has convinced herself. With cute single men she and beautiful places to scuba Jane is trying to get over the fact she has horrible taste in men and the latest has broken her heart. When the hottest man on board takes an interest in Jane she is thirlled, she also meets an adorable, shy man who knows some of everything. When the 3 of them are stranded on an island peoples true colors begin to show.

Of all of the island that the could land on some how they end up on the same one as the pirates that took over the ship, vampires if Peter is to be believed. As we learn more about Peter, Jane and Nick through the exciting and sometimes frightening adventure they have in trying to save themselves, and the captives from the cruise ship, Love starts to bloom and strengths that Jane never new she has are shown.
I love that Jane has the chance to pick between Mr Hot and Super Geek and that she becomes a strong woman who is able to realize her own worth.

The imagery and the setting is so well written that you can picture the island, the cruise ship, the vampires and the characters with absolute clarity. I felt like that the author was describing real places and events they were so well written. I loved the love story that developed but would loved to have seen more of a true break from the "other guy", not the villain but the other man. It seemed like there was just something missing when Jane finally decides.
I love that the ending included a HEA but also left you ready for the next book, Overall a well written, short novel with the set up for a series. I give this my second highest rating of red roses.

A warm wind fanned my face. I watched the colorful flags wave in the breeze, as our sleek cruise ship, The Jakarta, cut through the Southeast Asian waters.
We had boarded the cruise in Bali. Yesterday, we stopped at Komodo Island for diving, sightseeing, and ogling the famous Komodo dragons. Now we were sailing due east through the Flores Sea. I was so looking forward to seeing some of the thousands of large and small islands, each exotic and mysterious, with strange creatures, amazing fish and birds, impenetrable rainforests, and people who still lived in the stone age.
The ship was a small luxury liner that held ninety passengers and a crew of thirty. And though the posh thirty-day cruise was a beacon for singles looking to be pampered, the main billing was its stops to scuba-dive off a few of the seventeen thousand islands of the Indonesian Archipelago – our ultimate destination the Forgotten Islands in the Banda Sea.
They would even teach us how to scuba for free; I had always wanted to learn. I tried it yesterday and was hooked.
I left the deck and went back to my cabin, which I shared with my best friend, Remy. She had dresses and shoes all over her bunk. I plopped down on mine and sighed.
"What're you going to wear tonight?" she asked as she grabbed another dress and held it up to her, turning this way and that in front of the mirror.
"I don't know. I don't feel very social today. Maybe I'll just order something and eat here. And read."
"Which one?"
"Which one, what?" I asked.
"Dress … dress."
"Oh yeah, dress. I like the red one on you. Looks great with your blonde hair."
"Done." She started hanging the other gowns. "Wasn't that guy last night tasty?"
"Who? The one every girl's eyes were glued to?"
"No. No. Who can be interested in a guy who attracts woman in packs? No, the one last night at dinner. With the green eyes and sweet smile. Zack."
"Oh, yeah. Nice."
Actually, the guy who attracted every female on the ship had also attracted me. I had seen him by the pool with his ever-present fan club. The guy had it all. A classic Greek face, black curly hair, olive complexion – probably never visited by a zit. Fabulous build. He seemed to be charming the knickers off every young woman aboard. Maybe that's what my bad mood's about, I thought. Being attracted to the gorgeous guy started me thinking about Tony again – and the phrase that runs over and over in my head – "Jane, I'm sorry. But I've found someone else."

I hadn't been attracted to a man since my fiancé left me for another girl a year ago. You get burned, and you stay away from the stove.
I sighed. I had to stop this. I jumped off my bed. "I need to shake this off. How about a swim?
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*About the Author*
I was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, and grew up in California. I came from a long line of Americans who were pioneers and individualists. The family tree is filled with rugged people: rough coal miners, pioneers, and farmers living in log cabins in the early west. I wrote A Whisper from Eden, A Historical Fantasy, but like to write in several genres.

Lover Boy (aka my husband) was born and raised in Anaheim, California and wishes to remain anonymous because he doesn’t want anyone to know he likes to write romance novels. (Let's keep his secret.)

We wrote THE PIRATES OF VAMPIRE ISLAND, A Paranormal Romantic Thriller (Steamy Voyages #1). And we are working the sequel to Steamy Voyages and a dystopian thriller, The Trash Pile People. We live in Hollywood with our ornery tomcat, Snickers.

Twitter: @PhoenixRead
Goodreads: Phoenix Reads
Facebook Page: Fiction by Phoenix
Facebook Profile: Lee Jordan
Pinterest: Lee Jordan
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