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VBT: Review of Sun God Seeks Surrogate? and Rafflecopter Giveaway

I am so happy to welcome Mimi Jean Pamfiloff and CBLS Promotions to my blog today with my very first Virtual Book Tour. Be sure after you read my brilliant insite ;0) that you fill in the Rafflecopter form because Mimi is giving away, One autographed print copy of both "ACCIDENTALLY IN LOVE WITH...A GOD?" and "ACCIDENTALLY MARRIED TO...A VAMPIRE?", Books 1 & 2 of the "Accidentally Yours Series" to be gifted to each of five (5) lucky contest entrants During this VBT. Be sure to also check the link at the bottom for the other stops in the VBT!
Series: (Book 3, Accidentally Yours Series)
Author: Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
Publisher: Self
Length: 295 Pages
Genres: Paranormal Romance (Action/Adventure, Comedy)
Heat Level: Sensual
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When 24-year-old Penelope learns of a new miracle drug that could cure her ailing mother, it’s the answer to her prayers. Until she sees the cost. But for every door that closes, a window opens. In this case, the window calls herself Cimil, and she’s quite possibly the most insane person Penelope’s ever met. Could it be because this complete stranger just offered Penelope one million dollars to carry her wealthy brother’s baby?
But Cimil’s brother isn’t your everyday millionaire. In fact, he gives new meaning to the word hot.
~Publisher Blurb~

First thing to know is that this is book 3 of the Accidentally Yours series and I know you will love this one but be sure to pick up the first two and read them! Mostly because it will just make understanding all the inside jokes and references that the author Mimi Jean Pamfiloff uses more funny.
In Sun God Seeks Surrogate? we are already familiar with the crazy enigmatic Cimil and in the opening to this book she one up's even herself with a hot pink outfit that would have even drag queens cringing. We are once again treated to the wonderful, crazy humor that Ms. Pamfiloff writes so well.
We meet Penelope who is a fantastic strong woman (female as the God's are wont to say) who is feisty, intelligent, and devoted to her mother ,who has a mystery illness Pen will do most anything to help cure her of.
This book introduces us the the Sun God, Kinich Ahau, Nick. Like his brother Voltan, Guy Santiago, he is arrogant, bossy and is total sex on a stick hot! Nick is a firm believer in balance in the Universe and believes the Creator will create something evil to balance anything good created.
We are taken on a wild ride across the country and around to world as Nick and Pen spar, argue, have smoking hot sex and fall in love.

I love this series! Mimi writes in a style that will make you laugh out loud as many times as you are breaking out the ice cold drinks to cool down. It is hot without pushing over the line from spicy romance to erotica.
Taking the Mayan Gods and linking them with all of the other Gods we have in literature and history is brilliant! It allows you to see how 14 Gods could be the same Gods who were worshiped by the Mayans as well as the Greek, Romans and Norseman.
Sun God Seeks Surrogate is another fantastic love story that manages to pull in not only the Gods but other Paranormal beings all into one fantastic read that makes you finish one just to be ready to leap into the next.
I Give Sun God Seeks Surrogate my highest rating of Chocolate and Roses
~ Excerpt ~
Wondering which screw in her head had come loose this time, twenty-four-year-old Emma Keane strapped a parachute to her back in preparation for yet another fun-filled jungle mission.
“Dammit! Stop wiggling!” she barked over her shoulder. “And that had better be your flashlight!”
Well, actually, it was a cranky, rather large warrior named Brutus strapped to her back and wearing the parachute because she had yet to find time for skydiving lessons.
In any case, looking like a ridiculous, oversized baby kangaroo wasn’t enough to stop her from making this nocturnal leap into enemy territory—Maaskab territory. She had scores to settle.
Emma sucked in a deep breath, the roar of the plane’s large engines and Brutus’s growls making it difficult to find her center—the key to winning any battle. And not freak out.
Funny. If someone had told her a year ago that she’d end up here, an immortal demigoddess engaged to the infamous God of Death and War, she would have said, “Christ! Yep! That toootally sounds about right.”
Why the hell not? She’d lived the first twenty-two years of her life with Guy—a nickname she’d given her handsome god—obsessed with his seductive voice, a voice only she could hear. Turned out, after they finally met face-to-face, their connection ran blood deep. Universe deep, actually. A match made by fate.
Emma rubbed her hands together, summoning the divine power deep within her cells. One blast with her fingertips and she could split a man right down the middle.
“Careful where you put those,” Guy said, cupping himself.

Emma gazed up at his smiling face and couldn’t help but admire the glorious, masculine view. Sigh. She knew she’d been born to love him, flaws—enormous ego and otherworldly bossiness—and all.
His smile melted away. “Please change your mind, my sweet. Stay on the plane, and let me do your fighting.”
“Can’t do that,” she replied. “The Maaskab took my grandmother, and I’m going to be the one to get her back. Even if I have to kill Tommaso to do it.”
Guy shook his head. “No. You are to let me deal with him.”
Emma felt her immortal blood boil. She’d trusted Tommaso once, and he’d betrayed her. Almost gotten her killed, too. But she’d known—well, she’d thought—it wasn’t Tommaso’s fault. He’d been injected with liquid black jade, an evil substance that could darken the heart of an angel. That’s why, after he’d been captured and mortally wounded, she’d begged the gods to cure him.
Then she did the unthinkable: she’d put her faith in him again.
Stupid move.
He’d turned on her a second time, the bastard. Yes, his betrayal—done of his own free will—was her prize on that fateful night almost one year ago when her grandmother showed up on their doorstep in Italy, leading an army of evil Maaskab priests, her mind clearly poisoned.
“If Tommaso hadn’t helped her escape, we could’ve saved her,” she said purely to vent, because she really wanted to cry. But the fiancĂ©e of the God of Death and War didn’t cry. Especially in front of the hundred warriors riding shotgun on the plane tonight.
Okay, maybe one teeny tiny tear while no one’s looking.
“Do not give up hope, Emma.” Guy clutched her hand. “And do not forget…whatever happens, I love you. Until the last ray of sunlight. Until the last flicker of life inhabits this planet.”
Brutus groaned and rolled his eyes, clearly annoyed by the sappy chatter.
Emma elbowed him in the ribs. “Shush! And how can you, of all people, be uncomfortable with a little affection? Huh? You bunk with eight dudes every night. That’s gross by the way. Not the dude part. I’m cool with that. But eight, big, sweaty warriors all at once? Yuck. So don’t judge me because I’m into the one-man-at-a-time rule. That’s messed up, Brutus.”
Brutus growled and Guy chuckled.
In truth, Emma didn’t know what Brutus was into or how he and his elite team slept, but she loved teasing him. She figured that sooner or later she’d find the magic words to get Brutus to speak to her.
No luck yet.
Accepting a temporary defeat, she shrugged and turned her attention back to the task at hand. She took one last look at her delicious male—seven feet of solid muscle with thick blue-black waves of hair and bronzed skin. Sigh. “Okay. I’m ready,” she declared boldly. “Let’s kill some Scabs and get my granny!”
She glanced over her other shoulder at Penelope, their newest family member. Her dark hair was pulled into a tight ponytail that accentuated the anger simmering in her dark green eyes. Pissed would be a serious understatement.
Emma didn’t blame her. What a cluster.
“Ready?” Emma asked.
“You better believe it,” Penelope replied. “These clowns picked the wrong girl to mess with.”
Guy frowned as they leaped from the plane into the black night.

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Before taking up a permanent residence in the San Francisco Bay Area, Mimi spent time living near NYC (became a shopaholic), in Mexico City (developed a taste for very spicy food), and Arizona (now hates jumping chollas, but pines for sherbet sunsets). Her love of pre-Hispanic culture, big cities, and romance inspires her to write when she’s not busy with kids, work, and life…or getting sucked into a juicy novel.

She hopes that someday, leather pants for men will make a big comeback and that her writing might make you laugh when you need it most.

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