Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Forever Werewolf review

Publisher: Harlequin/Harlequin Nocturne
Pub Date:September 18, 2012
576 pages (this is a 2 books in one with the other book being Moon Kissed so only 275 pages are Forever Werewolf)
Copy obtained from NetGalley

Alexis Conner, princess of the Alpine pack and pureblood werewolf, hides a painful secret-she has never shifted. If she can't shift, she can't mate, and so Lexi resigned herself to a lifetime of loneliness. But then a stranger arrives, and Lexi senses that her world will never be the same....
A massive avalanche might be to blame for Trystan Hawkes getting stuck at Castle Wulfsiege, but after one look at Lexi, Trystan is not about to leave. Lexi is strong, smart and incredibly sexy. Not that it matters. Tryst is an omega-the fabled lone wolf. Even more damning is his mixed vampire heritage.

Lexi knows that the vampire blood running through Tryst's veins makes him off-limits, but what if he's the one man who can rouse her inner wolf?
*Goodreads Synopsis*

I picked this up because A) I love werewolves B) it came with 2 books about werewolves and C) who needs a C when you have werewolves!

So that being said I have reviewed only Forever Werewolf in this review and will review Moon Kissed separately in another post.

We first meet Trystan Hawkes, Tryst to his friends, when he is delivering a special package to the Principle of the Alpine Pack who has fallen ill. One of the first people he meets is Alexis Conner Princess of the pack and the castle (did I mention they live in a castle) ch√Ętelaine. It's lust at first sight on his part at least.

This book had a hard time deciding if it wanted to be a YA romance or an Erotic romance. Part of the time you are listening to Tryst talk like he is a San Diego beach bum with a snow board (he's born and raised in Paris mind you) and then when you get to a sex scene it just jumps into being somewhat graphic.
The back story is just not here in this book, the villain was really obvious and while it is supposed to take place in France it reads like it is taking place in Colorado or Utah.

I wanted to love this book I love the idea of true love overcoming the differences in station, bloodline and perceived handicap. I love that Tryst has a great attitude no matter what and that Lexi learns to let go of her fears. HOWEVER that being the case it just cant overcome the huge amount lacking in this story.
Lexi's family is mean, weak and her overcoming all of her baggage just happens from one page to the next.
Tryst has baggage of his own but it is never dealt with so much as he just good attitudes it to death. I really had a hard time with the bits of back story that were doled out were repeated to death while other things that would help the story were never touched upon.

I had to force my self to finish this one, it does have a HEA, there are werewolves but over all I have to say this one was a real weed.

Happy Reading, Carin

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