Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Review Stud Ranch 2 by P.S. Love & Giveaway Stud Ranch

Julie Jameson hasn't had sex since her divorce over a year ago and is feeling quite bitchy lately. Okay, maybe not only lately, for quite a while. Her best friend Ginger tells her about 'Stud Ranch and Resort,' a place where she can get laid and indulge in her wildest fantasies, to cure her of her bitchiness.
"Get outta here!" Julie says at first, but her curiosity gets the better of her and she Googles this 'Stud Ranch' place only to find it may be just what she needs. Hunky studs everywhere and at her beck and call! Yee haw!

Join Julie on her three day vacation as she gets more sex and stimulation than her poor little deprived pussy can handle!

NOTE: The storyline is about PLEASURE and SEX, because this is 'Stud Ranch and Resort,' a place where women go for a getaway and have their fantasies come to life! That's the storyline, so please don't expect any angst or heavy duty romance, because it's all about the various ways Julie gets PLEASURED by those handsome and hunky studs, and that's it (*ahem* and for some of us, that may be enough)! lol. There is hint of a budding romance, though.
~Amazon Blurb~

What a premise a ranch just for women to go be pampered and live out their fantasies! This is the background to P.S. Love's Stud Ranch 2. Julie Jameson after being told she needs to stop being such a bitch all the time and being informed about the "Stud Ranch and Resort" She looks into it on the internet and books her trip.
Julie finds studs everywhere at the ranch and enjoys getting down with several of them.

Stud Ranch 2 is Erotia it is not romance and it is not for the faint of heart. If you are looking for a short sweet read that will get your juices flowing then this novella is for you. I found the novella being written in the first person distracting but that is a personal thing for me. I give Stud Ranch 2 Pink Roses.

P.S Love has very generously offered to give away a free copy of the first book in this series Stud Ranch. Winner will be drawn Monday September 10th

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