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NetGalley Review: Dream Seeker (Blood Bites #1) by Storm Savage

These men don’t drink female blood to survive—they need it to regain virility and for the sexual high!

Gorgeous rock stars sweep into major cities and seduce women of their choosing. Commoners call them vampires, but they see themselves as cursed men, not vampires. They don’t need blood to survive. They drink female blood to reverse a spell cast upon them by a scorned lover who took her own life decades ago. While deep-sea diving in Spain, they were attacked by a vicious creature and rendered impotent by her bite. Women’s blood is a sexual enhancement aid to them.

Blackmailed into a marriage of convenience at eighteen, Angel deems herself the world’s oldest virgin living outside a convent. Her thirty-year fantasy involving a special rock star leads her into unexpected territory. Savaant is everything she dreamt of and more. His sweet and sexy ways are irresistible and she surrenders to his powerful seduction. Can she accept what he is when the truth unfolds about his curse? Will she be able to hold her own in his precarious world and travel with him to his tropical island home?

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Dream Seeker is a unique and sexy read and at 118 pages quick enough to read in one afternoon, Dream Seeker is part 1 of a 2 part story about a 48 year old virgin who has been trapped in a marriage to a man she hates for 30 years and a blood dragon/rock star.

Ms. Savage has created her own mythology for these books that include vampire like men know as blood dragons who happen to be rock stars. We also have the being who created the blood dragons by biting them while they were diving off the coast of Spain.

So the good, this has put a new spin on an old paranormal idea and created men/creatures that only have to conform to the rules created by this author and they don't have to fit into the stereo types of vampires that have been written about for years.
The could be better, the sex scenes are numerous and while they do an alright at being sexy there are inconsistencies in how they are written, the story has a good premise but I would have liked to see a little more character development.

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From Storm Savage's Goodreads page:
Storm is a multi-published author in many different genres with Extasy Books.

Her novels feature her many diverse interests from vampires to rock music to her love for animals, Harleys and whatever else sparks her muse at the time.

Writing has never been a hobby to her. Writing is a way of life and a coping mechanism to deal with what comes her way.

Her wish for you, the reader, is that she can sweep you away to the better worlds she creates in her novels. Her characters are edgy and dark, sweet and hot, tough and full of passion. You just never know what lurks around the corner in Storm's books so prepare yourself for the unknown.

And most of all... enjoy the ride!

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and part 2

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