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Heavy Issues by Elle Aycart

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Steering clear of relationships has never been difficult for demolitions expert Cole Bowen, but now, with his brother's engagement sending the female population into full-blown hysterics and the town of Alden's month-long festivities helping along, he finds himself in hell. When he discovers Alden's new resident and the object of all his wet dreams, Christine Sheridan, has sworn off relationships and is going to hire a gigolo to get professionally laid, he decides to kill two birds with one stone.

Christy is so not drinking again. Thanks to José Cuervo she has her friends signing her up for stud conventions and Cole frigging Bowen offering sex in exchange for fake dates, which is so out of the question it isn't even funny. She knows the domineering man will push her boundaries, and after battling all her life with self-esteem issues, she isn't ready for that. Too bad he won't take no for an answer.

Cole is determined to strip away all of her defenses but refuses to lower his ever-present walls, so when Christy realizes she wants more, she's left with only two options; walk away or crack his shield and risk her heart in the process.


Heavy Issues pushed a lot of personal buttons for me in dealing with Christy's weight issues. I have to say this is one of my soap box issues, I find that fat is the last acceptable prejudice and I absolutely love the extent that Ms. Ayecart went to express how hard it is for people with serious food issues to cope. If you are addicted to other substances you can just never have them again, not so fast with food, also the food=love for some people was spot on. So bravo for Ms. Aycart taking on an issue that is not so often addressed.

Christy has serious body issues and can't easily accept that Cole one of the super hot Bowen brothers would want her. It takes some pretty radical means to convince her that she is attractive to Cole.

Cole has HUGE issues with his mom running out on the family when he was 10 and as such never lets a women into his life, yet some how Christy not only worms her way into his live but into his heart.

The idea of orgasms for fake dates dreamed up by Cole to get Christy into his bed and to keep her away from hiring a rent a stud is brilliance in his mind and it works until Christy starts to have deeper feelings and the fake dates feel all to real to her (him too it just takes a while for him to get it through his head).

I loved the bondage play in this book and while I have given it a BDSM label it is all light a little bondage, a blindfold and an occasional spank on the rear. Still with that being the case it doesn't make it any less hot and steamy. I loved the total dominance and control that Cole has and while his need for that is explored it is still hot as hell. So get a cold glass of ice water and be prepared to need it but watch when you take a drink because you may end up snorting it out your nose at some of the funny parts as well.




About this author
After a colorful array of jobs all over Europe ranging from translator to chocolatier to travel agent to sushi chef to flight dispatcher, Elle Aycart is certain of one thing and one thing only: aside from writing romances, she has abso-frigging-lutely no clue what she wants to do when she grows up. Not that it stops her from trying all sorts of crazy stuff. While she is probably now thinking of a new profession, her head never stops churning new plots for her romances. She lives currently in Barcelona, Spain, with her husband and two daughters, although who knows, in no time she could be living at the Arctic Circle in Finland, breeding reindeer.

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