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NetGalley Review: Leandros by Celia Jade

Vicky’s plan was a hiking expedition to Mount Olympus. Ending up in an unearthly villa with a Greek demigod was not on the agenda.

When the Greek demigod flashed his law enforcement badge and accused her of carrying STX, Vicky almost laughed. In reality, she all but swooned as she took in his powerful build and azure eyes. He looked a lot like the men in her erotic fantasies, but he was no ordinary man. He was a fearsome immortal with a dark sexuality. A dangerous man.

Her few relationships with conservative men hardly translated into the image of a sexual tigress, so why did this demigod invite her to a private villa on Mount Olympus? She was a rational woman, except for this moment, when her reaction to him frightened her in a way that was too tempting to ignore.
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Leandros is a short novella that has all the build up and story to be the first 5 chapters of a much longer book. We meet Vicki and her (wild)twin, we meet Leandros and are introduced to the idea that Demi-Gods walk among us, we hear about the introduction of a new drug made by immortals and sold to humans and we have a weekend of steamy hot sex between Vicki and Leandros.

I really enjoyed the story that this started and I am extremely hopeful that this is an introduction to a new series or at least a prequel to a book about Leandros and Vicki. If this had continued into an actual novel I am sure it would have been a 5 with no problem however the way things were left to much was just left hanging to rate this any higher than a 3, still liked it A LOT but it felt like someone just took the first 5 chapters of a book and published them. I will be on the look out for a future continuation of this story by Ms. Jade.

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From Celia Jade's Goodreads page:
Celia Jade has been in love with writing and reading ever since she can remember. As a teenager, she wrote poetry and tons of short stories, many of which ended up in the garbage bin because she didn’t think they were good enough. Soon after acquiring a BA in English, she traveled to Europe where she taught English in private schools. A couple of proofreading jobs followed and somewhere along the way, she decided to pursue writing professionally. Her efforts paid off and she broke into the ebook market with her very first erotic romance.

She currently lives in her hometown, Montreal, a city whose rich culture and vibrant energy has inspired many of her stories. Celia also devotes time to family and friends and enjoys tranquil moments in the garden as well as spontaneous adventures. She’s a gym-addict and a foodie who often gives in to chocolate cravings.

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