Saturday, January 12, 2013

Three Part Harmony(The Kinky Truth book 1) by Angel Payne

Dasha Moore commands the world’s stages as one of pop’s reigning stars, but finds her ultimate joy at the feet of David Pennington as his willing new submissive. In one night, her charismatic career manager becomes the Dominant of her body as well -- and the owner of her heart.

David is blown away, in all the good ways, by discovering D’s submissive streak. He can’t wait to brand her deeper with his domination, but a lunatic fan has other, deadly plans for Dasha.

Consumed with keeping Dasha safe, David gives the FBI a full-access pass for their investigation, headed by Special Agent Kress Moridian, a guy with an unnerving protective streak. David’s initial instincts about Kress are accurate: the agent is another Dom, and his definition of “full-access” includes Dasha herself. Being shared with Kress is a new tune for Dasha, but she finds herself loving its rougher strains -- and she begs David for their three-part harmony again.

But while her Doms make her body sing, Dasha’s heart and soul are torn. And what will happen to their song when they finally find the madman who wants her dead? Worse: what happens if they don’t find him?

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable: anal play/intercourse, BDSM theme and elements, menage (m/f/m)


Three Part Harmony mixes the best of an erotic BDSM novel with a mystery to solve that makes for a steamy hot suspenseful read that will keep you on the edge of your seat with your hand busy...
flipping the pages of course what did you think I was talking about ;0) )

Dasha is the dutiful daughter to her senator father and never has the back bone to stand up to him when he hurts her feelings. David is Dasha's manager with his own family issues to deal with because of his brother and a former sub of his, Kress is not your typical FBI G-men with the bad suits and worse haircuts no he is tall, dark and smoking hot.

Dasha who has been in love with David for a long time agrees to become David's sub when he reveals his kink to her after she offers him her body. When Dasha starts getting threats the FBI steps in, in the form of Agent Kress Moridian. Kress is also a Dom and while it's his job to protect Dasha he can't help the possessive feelings he starts to have for her and when he is invited to play with Dasha and David the trio has chemistry that would power a nuclear reactor.
With all the steamy goodness of a great BDSM menage Angel Payne still manages to give us a suspenseful mystery at the same time. Some one is threatening Dasha's life and they don't stop just because the FBI is on the job.

BDSM novels can be more porn than romance(all smut no story), this is not the case here. We have a beautiful romance that blooms between Dasha and David as well as Dasha and Kress. It is hot and a total panty wringer but not pornographic, it is a fantastic story.

Even knowing the end to the mystery I think this is something I will re-read just for the chemistry between this trio.



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