Saturday, January 19, 2013

ARC Review: A SEAL's Seduction by Tawny Weber

Subject: Navy SEAL Lieutenant Blake Landon

Current Status: Two weeks of enforced leave

Mission: Distract himself in any way possible

Obstacle: A woman who tempts him to break the rules...including his own!

Navy SEAL Blake Landon (aka "Boy Scout") knows the rule book inside and out. Checked. Rechecked. But when a mission ends badly, his entire team is ordered on leave. And that's when Blake sees the tall redhead whose dark eyes suggest that the rules-especially those in bed-are made to be broken.

Scientist Alexia Lane has sex on the brain-partly for work, but mostly because she needs a man who makes her girly parts do the happy dance. Her only no-no? No military dudes. But Blake's rockin' bod promises delicious pleasures, and Alexia is halfway to sexual Nirvana before she can find out he's actually a Navy SEAL.

And where one rule is broken, more are sure to follow...

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During his two weeks of forces R & R Blake meets and has a scorching hot weekend with a women he meets on the beach, Alexia. Both Alexia and Blake don't share with the other important information about themselves it leads to a major blow up. Can Blake learn to be more flexible? Can Alexia get past what she sees as a neglectful childhood by her military father? Can they both see that what they have is more than a weekend but destined to be forever?

I love military romance, something is just so hot about a buff guy in a uniform. I enjoyed the wild beginning to this couples relationship and the way they are brought together in the end is fantastic. I felt that some of the jumps in time in the middle of the book sort of dragged but over all this was a really fun, sexy and enjoyable read.

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