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Take Me by T.A. Grey

Title: Take Me
Author: T.A. Grey
Series: The Untouchables (# 1)
Genre: Paranormal Erotic (high heat level with graphic language)
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: Feb 28 2013
Edition/Formats Available In: E~Book

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She makes his blood burn
Dominic Blackmoore meets the woman who captures his mind and body with a look and he’s instantly taken with her. When he was ordered to take another mate quickly after separating from his ex, he loathed the idea. However, after catching sight of his bruid he quickly changes his mind. He finds her utterly captivating, sensually erotic, and yearns to learn everything about her.
But she’s not his bruid

The woman he’s mistaken as his bruid is none other than the event planner, Felicity Shaw, for his mating ceremony. Now Dominic will do everything it takes, even lie to the woman he craves, to keep her at his side. He needs to mate with his bruid in order to win his political campaign but he finds himself falling in love with Felicity Shaw. In the end he must choose between work or love. He may make the right decision, but is it too late to save his lies from hurting Felicity?
He takes her breath away

Felicity Shaw wants more in life. She’ll even lie to get it, which is exactly how she lands a job with the illustrious Blackmoore family. However, it’s the head of the vampire household, Dominic Blackmoore, that has her heart racing and breath catching. The man consumes her unlike anyone ever has before. She can’t resist him though she tries. As she’s forced to work with Dominic she tries to keep away from him but he doesn’t make things easy.

She may want him with a passion she’s never experienced before, but she will not be with him when he’s mating to another woman. It’s either her or no one. But one terrible lies seals their fates together in ways neither of them imagined, threatening their love and the very fabric of their relationship.

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I read a lot of paranormal romance/vampire books and I must tell you Take Me has been one of my favorites, with political intrigue, hot vampire sex, meddling mothers, crazy ex's and perfect arranged fiances you are treated to a whole range of emotions and you are introduced into an amazingly well crafted world.

T.A. Grey gives us characters we can love and relate to both in our hero/heroine as well as all the secondary characters involved in telling the story. I think that every character that we meet in Take Me is well crafted and well written and fits seamlessly into the telling of the story.

I sometimes thing love triangles are done to death but the love triangle in Take Me has a twist and works very well. The sex and sexual tension are hot hot hot and are sure to make you need a tall cold drink or a hot tall man :O) I am thrilled that this is the start of a new series and am looking forward to the rest.

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“Try it. You’ll like it.”
He said it as if he already knew that. This would be impossible seeing as she’d never tried the drink and just because it smelled good didn’t always mean it tasted as good.
“And how do you know that, Mr. Blackmoore?” She lifted the glass to her nose and inhaled the sweet fragrance of plump red grapes, woods, and the coppery hint of blood. Her tongue turned brittle in her mouth. Her hand started trembling as she set the glass back against her thigh.
The quirk of his lip lifted higher. It was the confident look of a man who had no doubts. “Why don’t you try it and let me know if I’m right or not.”
He lifted his glass and took a sip, not needing to sniff the unique fragrance he probably smelled all the time.
Then a devil wearing a skin-tight leather corset, fishnet stockings and black knee-high boots popped up on her shoulder. It looked quite like Felicity with her wavy blonde hair but this little devil had smoky, heavily kohled eyes, dark ruby lips, and flushed bronzed cheeks. She was a much sexier, much crazier Felicity that she didn’t get to let come out and play much anymore.
Just drink some. You might not get this job but you’ll never get another chance to drink something so good, the devil said.
Felicity waited a tick to see if Felicity Angel would show up, but one second turned into two. Angel was a no show today.
Felicity’s eyes rounded and then she went for it. She didn’t take a little sip as he had done but a mouth full. Instantly, her eyes closed and the sweet, spiced fruity taste coated her tongue then slid down her throat. Warmth filled her starting in her bones then moving out to the rest of her body. Her heart started beating faster. She licked her lips slowly to get any last drops off then ran her tongue across the roof over her mouth and teeth. Her incisor teeth started pointing, turning into fangs at the taste. It was a natural response, she couldn’t help it, but it didn’t do well to impress older vamps that she couldn’t keep her cool with blood.
So damn good...
She could moan and almost did but just barely managed to keep herself in check.
The high-octane blood laced with a hint of red wine went straight to her head. The room didn’t quite spin around before her eyes but it didn’t exactly stay straight. More like tilted to the side. And that heat. Oh god, the heat filling her body making her neck sweat and her panties wet. Her nipples beaded into tender points and all she could think about was how badly she wanted to tear her bra and shirt off so they wouldn’t scrape her nipples.
“Are you feeling well?” Dom asked his voice hoarse.
She might have blushed if she wasn’t already flushing, because he knew. Oh, she’d have time to be humiliated later. He could see her response as easily as if she had started tearing her clothes off.
Right now her body burned so it didn’t matter that he could smell her arousal. Honestly, a part of her wanted him to. That wild, aroused part of her wanted him to know that in this very minute, she wanted his touch. That she’d even welcome it. It’d been too long since she felt the stirrings of desire for a man.
What am I thinking? a part of her screeched. You need this job, not to bang the boss!
Right, she needed a job not a lover.
“I’m sorry. That was a very...potent drink. I think I really need to go before I make a mess of this.” A giddy laugh left her and she saw his mouth tighten. “I mean make more of a mess out of this.”
Her hands curled around the arms of the chair then she pushed herself upright. The room swam only for a moment before straightening, but her limbs felt odd. They felt heavy and limp. They wanted to give out until she laid on the ground relaxed and half-awake in a daze.

Author Information
T.A. Grey
I love to write the kind of stories that will keep you up late at night and make your heart pound. It’s my goal in writing to make each new book better, more exciting, more action-packed, not only to test myself as a writer but to keep thrilling you. I’m always trying to push the boundaries with my imagination, and yours, to create something new and different.
If you’re a fan of paranormal romance novels then you’ll love my Bellum Sisters Trilogy. This isn’t your typical romance story, so be prepared for a kick of heat and tons of action. The Bellum Sisters Trilogy has received excellent reviews from paranormal bloggers and two of the three books are Top Picks from Night Owl Reviews.
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Visit my website to learn more about me and my books at www.tagrey.com

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