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EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT - Undressed (The Manhattanites #1) by Avery Aster

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Milan's notorious playboy, Massimo Tittoni, seems to have everything--Lamborghinis, exotic women, palaces throughout Europe and business success. Ramping up his fabric company to go global with a new apparel brand, he ruthlessly stops supplying fabrics to the American client who inspired the collection. But once they meet, what's he willing to give to get her in his bed?

Upper East Side designer Lex Easton will be damned if she'll let an Italian stud muffin knock her down. So what if she named her favorite vibrator after him. With Fashion Week approaching, she'll do whatever it takes to secure the fabrics she needs to become the next Diane von Furstenburg-- even sleep with her rival. But when she arrives in Europe the paparazzi chronicles her every move and she finds herself in a situation never imagined. Lex’s Louboutins stilettos are dug in deep to win this war. All’s fair in love and fashion!
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Content Warning: due to graphic sex scenes, strong language, suggestive themes, mature humor This excerpt is for adults only

Chapter Seventeen
Going Down in Tabitha Simmons Chandelier Stilettos

“I love your chest, Masi.” Lex unbuttoned three notches from Massimo’s shirt, running her fingers across his well-developed chest. Thin dark hair covered his defined pectorals. Magnificent.
They were alone in the elevator, the wheels cranking, descending, taking them away from the paparazzi, music and onlookers as they lowered five floors underground.
“Grazie, I have always wanted to see the downstairs. Everyone talks about it.” Between his kisses, he illuminated tidbits on the seventeenth century building they partied in. There was an underground former wine cellar located in Milan’s Zone One historic district called Brera. He cited the structure had been modernized with electricity and trendiness because the famous nineteen-fifties opera singer Maria Callas hosted many elite parties here. Lex speculated as to why he rambled on. Massimo couldn’t be nervous. Could he?
“Are you going to make me sing soprano?” She tucked her fingers on his trousers’ brim, rubbing his cock’s head with her thumb.
“Sì,” he replied with confidence. Heat passed through her as she realized he stared at her, in effect through her. Everything came into focus. Perhaps she’d mistaken his apparent tenseness for intense seriousness.
No turning back now.
The elevator doors released. She stepped out into a romantic Lombard interior opening.
“This is beautiful.” Lit with silver candelabras, the space was decorated as something straight from Architectural Digest magazine.
“I have never seen the rooms, but Luigi says they are amazing.” He motioned her over to the concierge who greeted them and provided a floor plan with house rules.
“Numero uno,” stated a young male model type who stood at the podium. He slipped Massimo a key with a Roman numeral “I” centered in gold foil.
Massimo gripped the brass chain leading Lex down an extended hallway. She held onto his arms, rubbing his triceps under his shirt. Months spent fantasizing she’d be held by those muscles came to be her reality.
He unlocked the door, letting her in as he followed behind her. Decorated in creams and violet with paneled walls and a white marble floor, Lex felt at home in the room. Two gothic leather settees sat opposite a sizeable round bed. Fitted in lavish pillows from varying jade hues, she walked over to the edge, picking up a cushion and drawing the fabric to her.
“We have all night, bella. No Girasoli, Easton, Jemma, Rocco, dogs, or security guards.” Relief washed over his handsome face as he slipped off his sport coat, and he added, “You and me.” He placed the jacket on a nearby chair. His masculine beauty filled the room.
“When is the last time you didn’t have any distractions?” she asked.
“Years.” Dimming the crystal globes hanging above, Massimo staged the room to amber and then walked over to her. “Bella, you are an enjoyable distraction.”
Finishing what she’d started in the elevator, she unbuttoned his shirt. His cock gave a thick impression under his slacks. On the last button, Massimo held up his arms. She unfastened his ruby cufflinks, peeling his silk shirt off then dropping it to the floor.
“So handsome, so hot,” she complimented, admiring his six pack. Pressing her lips to his pecs for a kiss, she opened her mouth. She grazed his left nipple with a bite. His muscled body surprised her with a flinch. Soothing his tenderness, she licked his scratch tasting citrus on her tongue. “Good for you?”
“Sì, feels buono.”
“Masi’s nips are sensitive,” she noticed. Lex rotated her attention to his other nip while he loosened his belt buckle, taking charge.
His pants dropped with a thud.
“Turn around, face the wall.” He kicked his loafers off and stepped out from his pants, pulling his briefs down.
“Tonight you do as I say,” he ordered.
Lex clenched her vaginal muscles together. She enjoyed his machismo and acted ever so bowing as instructed. Pressing her backside against him, his hard cock pulsated upon her flesh.
Dominant. Powerful. Male.
“Someone is excited,” she gasped as an intent tug pulled at her back.
“Sì, since the day I met you.” Massimo rubbed his hands over her shoulders, his touch warming her body. “You have also,” he confirmed as he unzipped her dress. He lifted the bedazzled material above her midsection, then up over Lex’s head.
“Much better.” Being naked in his presence excited her. Lex felt her hair cascade over her face. The dress wrapped between his affectionate fingers as he wrapped his strapping arms over her breasts drawing her backside to his front. She fought the urge to turn around and look at his sculpted face. His eyes always told her what he thought. Tonight she wasn’t certain what jumbled through his mind, other than he gave the impression to be spinning.
“Eyes ahead,” he ordered. “Let me admire you for a minuto.”
Focusing her eyes on the creamy wallpaper, she experienced a tickle as his hands slid between her legs. “Take me, Masi.”
“Stop telling me what to do, bella.” His hand struck down over her backside.
Yes! The loud slap shocked her. “Now we’re talking,” she responded as he grabbed at her flesh, palming her ass in his hands. Her pussy juiced inside.
Grunting sounds came from his lips.
Astonished, Lex turned, witnessing Massimo glance up at her. “You are going to get it, bella.” He buffed her ass with a rub followed by a quick tap and another rub up and down—up and down—up and down.
“Good boy, Masi.” She stuck her butt out to say, “Wax on, wax off.”
“Be quiet.” Smack! He struck down hard. A sharp sting ignited the stale coals inside her. She sensed Massimo’s deliberate next steps. He wanted to fuck her with an animal instinct, she predicted. Nevertheless, she recognized his heart held back. Lex caught him off guard with the downstairs invite. “Let’s have some fun, baby,” she persuaded.
“Enough.” Massimo picked up her dress which had fallen to the floor.
She tossed her head back watching over her shoulder as he folded the shiny fabric into a long napkin. “You wouldn’t—”
“I would.” He fisted the fabric between his hands and over her mouth. Massimo covered her lips knotting the dress behind her head. Tight.
Fuck. He did it. The luxurious garment sucked the moisture from her throat. She hoped it was for a good spanking.
“Spread your legs for me.”
While standing? “Ermmm?” she mumbled under the fabric, not expecting him to tell her what to do.
He cupped her pussy in one hand and cinched her waist with the other. Lifting her a few inches off the ground, she faced him with a muffled shriek.
I’m off the ground.
Massimo laughed with clear assurance as her center heated at the unexpected thrill. He brought her eyes level with his and demanded, “Let me see your cunt.” He released his hold.
Her stilettos clacked when she hit the floor standing.
As she stepped a foot or so apart Lex bent down halfway.
“Hug your ankles, principessa.” He tapped her vulva and an immediate chill shot up her core. Massimo dropped to his knees facing her vagina for possible inspection.
I’m hugging, I’m hugging. She’d taken dance classes over the years and worked out with Vive and Taddy. Her flexibility afforded her a split or two, but for whatever reason, putting her forehead to her shins remained a challenge.
“Tsk, tsk, tsk.” He shook his head unsatisfied.
She cocked her head, expressing confusion.
“Much, much wider, bella.” He leaned close and darted an air puff over her pussy lips, going clockwise.
“Better, bella.” Massimo came closer and repeated his second blow counterclockwise. “Pfft—pfft.”
Mmm, fucking god!
A deep inhale filled his lungs then he exhaled hard as third blow streamed air over her clit’s center. Massimo blew and blew out what may be every oxygen ounce from his lungs.
Oh shit. Fuck! Damn! Holy Vajayjay. A shiver iced up her spine. She stuck her tailbone up, pretending to be a kitten waiting to be scratched. Lex held on to her ankles lowering her face as far as she could go. Her hair fell to the floor. Blood rushed to her temples.
“My bella is bossy, except I bet she gets off on being told what to do.” He knelt farther, getting closer between her legs and resting on his knees. Lifting her right leg up over his shoulder, Massimo took her clit’s hard bud in his mouth and rammed his tongue deep inside. He then snarled, “Wet, I love your cunt. This is my Bellini, my bella.”
Stabbing her clit with his tongue, he assaulted in and out—in and out—in and out. He pulled his face back spanking her ass with his right hand and complimented, “Bella, your peach juice tastes fucking dolce.” Massimo licked her pussy lips and drilled down to her ass crack. As he slid his tongue swirled around her asshole, she ripped the mouth tie off.
“Yeah!” She cheered and held on to him, leaning over his face trying to balance on one heel.
“Your pussy is mine, give me.” He pulled close hugging her hips smashing her clit into his face.
“Take me now. I want your cock deep inside.” She thrust her hip falling against his broad shoulders.
His fingers sunk into her flesh. Stroking her sensitive nub between licks, Massimo built up a rhythm with his fingers. “Bella is impossible to quiet.”
“Yes! Yess. Yesss,” Lex shouted. She glanced down as he slid three fingers inside her. Rocking her pussy with his grip, she became excited to see what he’d do next. “You’re making me come already.”
“Buono, my bella.” He nipped her erected clit’s edges, his determination growing strong.
“Suck it baby—suck it. Uh huh.” Her tongue swelled thick in her mouth as the orgasm ascended over her. She fought to catch her breath, leaning farther into him, trusting her stability in his arms. Don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop.
“Come on my face, bella, come on.” His tongue tore through her core as her muscles contracted.
“Ahhhhh, fuck, fuck—Masi,” she praised. Her nipples peaked as her pussy creamed over his mouth and fingers.
Her ecstasy. His joy.
“Good girl, my bella. I want you to come again and again tonight.” Proud, he stood to his feet and lifted her body an inch or two from the ground. Her body stretched long against his. “You ready for more fun?” he asked as he shoved his tongue in her mouth and cupped her ass underneath.
“Fuck yes, yes,” she panted. Her assumption he’d take his time making love became dead on as he lowered her back down to her heels.
“Bella, you tore your mouth guard off without asking. We play a game and see how you do.” He held her shoulders back and guided her against the wall, to say park it.
“Game?” she repeated as her ass scratched against the wallpaper. “I don’t play games unless it’s Twister.”
* * * * *
“Sì, stay put.” He stalked over to the bed and lay down, chest up and stroking his cock—teasing her.
“What are you doing?” Abandoned, she folded her arms.
“Since you are—how do you say in English…” He paused, taking his attention off her, acting in search for the perfect words. His eyes shifted, admiring the empty room with obvious intent to taunt her.
“Masi?” She pointed to herself already missing his undivided attention.
“Ahh, sì.” He returned his focus. “Seeing as how you are a sassy know it all wise girl, you will answer my questions.” He folded his hands on his lap, illustrating his patience and authority.
“Eh?” she said, clueless as to what he’d ask her.
“Get one right and take two steps forward—toward this bed.” He jacked his cock. “You accept reward.”
Lex swallowed and asked, “And if I get a question wrong?” It was inconceivable. Nevertheless, a smart girl must be aware of repercussions.
“You take one step back and receive punishment.” Slapping his cock against his open palm he shouted, “Pronto?” His redirect snapped her free from hesitations.
She gauged the distance from where she stood to the bed. About six feet or three questions away—if she answered correctly.
“Let’s hear ’em.” She tried not to roll her eyes.
“Question uno, what is your favorito momento from this week with me?”
Awwe, he’s my sweetie. “My foot massage by far is my favorite moment with you.”
“Step forward.”
“Yippee,” Lex jumped two feet closer. “What’s my reward?”
“Touch your clit for me”—he sat up on the bed—“while saying my full name.”
Narcissist. She puckered her lips together to defy him. Lex would give him a show. One his royal ass has never seen. Taddy and Lex took her to stripper pole workout classes at Equinox Fitness. Lex never imagined she’d put on a routine with him as the audience. But here went nothing.
“Prince Massimo Tittoni—you better get your popcorn buttered and hold the salt. I have a show for you.” Turning around and showcasing her backside, she played the song Girls, Girls, Girls by Mötley Crüe in her head. She spread her legs apart going down into split. The floor wakened her body and cooled her inner flesh. “Is this appropriate for your majesty?”
“Clit touch per favore.” His voice cracked in anticipation.
Kicking her right leg up, Lex rested on her back opening her legs to his full view. With a moan certain to arouse him, she then rotated her middle and ring finger in and out from her pussy. Two could play at this game. “Oh, Prince Massimo Tittoni—yeah Masi shove your huge cock inside me.” She kicked her right leg super high in a heated fit. “Come on, Prince Massimo Tittoni—fuck me as if there’s no tomorrow—fill me with your cum.”
“Bella.” Massimo sat up from the bed, tugging his cock harder.
She dropped her head back, shoving both hands over her pussy, pretending she’d fist herself. This’ll drive him bananas.
He stood up on the bed, a caged beast, teased with rare fruit.
“Prince!” she screamed as loud as she could, her tonsils tensed.
“Lex.” He tugged at his nuts.
“Massimo!” Her body shook into a spasm.
“My Lex.” Massimo stroked his right hand over his cock, bringing his left hand down over the other.
“Tittoni!” She spurted, coming on the floor into a puddle.
“Lex! Lex!! Lex!!!” His eyes closed as his torso shot forward twisting his fat cock’s swelling head.
She imagined sparks would fly from his loins any second. “Fuck me, Masi.” She rubbed her clit noticing he’d stopped and proceeded to lie back down on the bed. Damn him. Will he ever take my orders?
“Stop. Question due.”
“Errrr, make it good, prince.” She stood up.
“What is my favorito momento from our week?” his arms rested behind his neck.
“Me fixin’ Jemma’s designs.” I’m no dummy.
“Try again, bella.” He kicked his legs up under a pillow, making himself more comfortable.
“Ughh. Me co branding Girasoli’s licensing deal.” What the hell is it?
“Sorry, signorina, take uno step back. For punishment twist your right nipple—hard.” His head shook in disappointment
“Tell me your favorite part?” She put her hand on her hip.
“After your titty twist—let me see your skin pink.” Massimo sat up, expecting an extravaganza.
“Oh brother…” Taking one step back, she closed her eyes. She circled her right thumb and pointer finger over her areola. Lex lifted her nipple with a slight pinch up. Her breast rose. Unable to fake this one, she opened her eyes, glancing for Massimo’s satisfaction to release.
“Twist it.” He clapped his hands. The loud applause bounced from wall to wall.
“Fuck.” She inhaled while twisting her nipple. A scream she didn’t expect erupted from her throat. Her pussy squirted down her leg. Oh my
“Bella, despite your mouth’s rebuttal, your pussy says you enjoy titty torture.”
“My pussy does not lie.” She crossed her legs collecting the drip in awe over turning herself on. “Tell me your answer.”
“No, no.” He motioned his hands apart, ordering her to separate her legs.
A drop hit the floor as she extended. Lex covered her mouth in a giggle.
He laughed with her for a minute and then answered, “Bella, my best moment—waking up with you in my arms.” Massimo padded the empty space next to him to encourage her to get the next question right.
She gasped, not expecting his response. I think I love him.
“Next question—if I am unable to come to New York Fashion Week, will you be upset?” His once raised brow narrowed with concern.
“No, I won’t be upset.” She smiled, attempting to hide her disappointment. “Soon, I’ll return for Milan Fashion Week.”
“Take two steps forward and—finger your ass.” He gave her an eager face. Who the hell fingers their ass?
“Yes, sir.” She squatted in her Tabitha Simmons crystal chandelier pumps as if going pee. Looking up at her prince, she rubbed her pussy with her hand. With caution her fingers glided back on her puckered anus. Luckily she didn’t have long nails, wincing at the thought of what it would feel like if she did. Lex glanced over to gauge his seriousness.
“Finger your ass, bella.” He nodded with a straight face.
“I’m gonna finger you when we finish your silly game.” The wet finger slid in, she inhaled, pushing up farther. Resting one hand on her knee, she closed her eyes, bouncing her body, taking her entire finger. “Yeah.” Her core constricted hot and tight.
She cracked one eye open watching Massimo edge the bed. She closed her eyes, getting into it.
“Prince Massimo Tittoni.” She moaned and pulled her finger out and back in—out and back in again—out and back in a third time. Hearing Massimo grunt, she opened her watering eyes to see her male beauty fisting his cock. Motivated, she wiped her ring finger over her pussy, making her digits moist. Get ready, prince. Lex rotated on her back, thrusting her torso up in the air.
“Prin—ci—pessa,” Massimo hissed.
“Masi.” She glided two fingers into her asshole as her body’s heat tightened around her. “My ass is tense.” Lex pushed further. “I can’t do this without my Masi.” She moved her fingers around her constricting muscles. “Stretch me out, Masi.” Her pussy drizzled backward over her stomach. With one hand, she rubbed her cum over her stomach while fingering herself with the other and pushed her torso up higher with her legs.
Lex sat up and noticed Massimo zoned out into an erotic trance. She clapped her hands.
Black eyes wide, ready to pounce on her, he blinked. He wiped his mouth and spoke, snapping from his bliss. “Enough, stand, final question.”
Jesus. “Make this an easy one.” She put her hands on her knees rising with the goal to ride Masi’s cock.
Sitting back and waiting for her to collect herself, his eyebrows furrowed with seriousness. He gave her a grin as she lifted her head for him to continue.
“Who is in love with you?” he asked, holding out his hands ready to take her.
He didn’t just ask about the “L” word, did he? “What?” You’re saying you’re in…
“Let me repeat.” Massimo coughed in mockery. He pounded his fist on his chest and cleared his throat. “I asked—who is in love with you?”
“Um hmm. Prince Massimo Tittoni?” Dizzy, she stepped forward.
“Sì,” he repeated, “Ti amo.”
Ecstatic. Unconditional. Forever.
Clit dripping, Lex walked over and straddled his lap.
His large hands wrapped around her back as he repeated those words again and again in English and Italian. He stared with eternal intent into her eyes. His gaze scared her at first. “I love everything about you.” He spoke with certainty. Massimo focused on her lips waiting for a promising response.
Nostrils flared as she fought back a happy tear. “I love you too.” Lost for years, she realized tonight she’d become found. Gazing into Massimo’s sobering eyes, she declared, “I want you more than anything I’ve ever wanted in my entire life.”
“Principessa, you have me. I am yours.” He rotated her onto her back kissing her neck. The warmness coming from his lips and mouth alongside her nape goosed her flesh. “You ready for my cock, bella?”

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If you are looking for an extremely erotic contemporary romance that is a cross between "Sex in the City" and "The Devil Wears Prada" you will love Undressed by Avery Aster. Undressed is also the first in The Manhattanites series so we get to look forward to more in the same vein in the near future.

When you are the bankrupt daughter of a dead rock star and his former drug addicted Playboy Playmate wife you have to think outside the box when looking to make a living. Lexi Easton has managed to rise from the mess made by her parents to have a multi million dollar clothing company, now if she could just get the fabrics she is waiting for from Italy so her company can stay in the game.

Prince Massimo Tittoni is the crown prince of a little island nation that is part of Italy, he also inherited the families textile manufacturing company. When he decides to cut off shipment to Easton Essentials he ends up with the feisty, sexy Lex Easton interrupting his vacation, his life and his heart.

Undressed has humor, sexy Italian men and sex in just about every flavor possible. We are introduced to a fantastic cast of supporting characters and get a glimpse of their sex lives as well. I am sure that many of those supporting characters will get the chance to be the main event in future books in the series.

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