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Bonds of Need (Wicked Play, #2) by Lynda Aicher

When Kendra Morgan attends a party at an exclusive sex club, she's not driven by mere curiosity. Hoping to prove she's put the past behind her, Kendra must instead face up to needs she's denied for too long. Despite her lingering fears, she can't resist the temptation to play…

Deklan Winters has had his eye on his attractive neighbor for months, but only senses Kendra is no stranger to the BDSM scene when she walks into his club. And he can tell that's not her only secret. What surprises him is his own overwhelming desire to give her what she craves—and to show her a side to the Dom/sub relationship she's never known.

With Deklan's guidance, Kendra begins to accept her forbidden needs and to recognize the fine line between pleasure and pain. But when her former Master returns to reclaim her, it will take all her courage—and all of Deklan's love—to defy her past.

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Bonds of Need is the second in the Wicked Play series by Lynda Aicher it can be read as a stand alone.

I love an erotic romance with a story that has depth and great character development, Bonds of Need fills that bill admirably. Lynda Aicher provides us with an emotional read, a fantastic love story and the erotic and BDSM elements blend seamlessly.

Kendra is a strong woman who has been abused physically and emotionally, she finally escapes that situation but can't get past her need for a bit of pain in order to have a fulfilling sexual experience.
Deklan is part owner of the local BDSM club "The Den" and Kendra's neighbor, a man with an over abundance of guilt and a bit of a need to save everyone is what starts him with Kendra but the bond they form happens for him at least almost immediately.

As with any book that deals with survivors of abuse this story can be very emotional and your heart goes out to Kendra as she little by little rebuilds her self and with Deklan's help learns to love first herself and then Deklan.
This book was so well written that I was drawn to the characters and loved the secondary characters as much as the hero and heroine. I am putting this on my re-read shelf and I will be picking up the next installment when it is available later this year.

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About this author:
I love to read. It's a simple fact that has been true since I discovered the worlds of Judy Blume at the age of ten. After years of weekly travel as a consultant implementing computer software into global companies, I ended my nomadic lifestyle to raise my two children. Now, my imagination is my only limitation on where I can go and my writing lets me escape from the daily duties of being a mom, wife, chauffer, scheduler, cook, teacher, cleaner, and mediator.

If writing wasn't a priority, it would never get done.

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and the first in the series

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