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Phantom Harvest by C.R. Richards

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Title: Phantom Harvest
Author: C.R. Richards
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Length: 368 pages
Sub-Genres: science fiction/fantasy

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Gideon, a half-breed mutant with a surly temper and rotten luck, struggles to scrape a living as a tracker in the desolate territory near the gateway to the human world. Business seems to be picking up when Gideon is approached by a powerful dark elf with deep pockets and a serious problem. Human miners at the dark elf's plant are being taken by an elusive predator. Gideon is pressured to find the killer before word of the disappearances reaches the human world, endangering the tense relationship between their two races. But, nothing is simple this close to the conduit between worlds. Archangel, a ruthless mercenary operating in the secret sectors of mutant society, has set his own deadly game in motion. Surrounded by savage wilderness and cut off from contact with civilization, Gideon must find a way to protect his friends and survive to collect his bounty.

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Maialen knelt before the flimsy lock on the front door. Its surface was a tarnished brass. Inside its workings, tiny metal sticks fit loosely into place. Pins, Maialen grinned. They might as well have put tape on the door. Her expert finger implants manipulated the old fashioned lock and in moments the door clicked open.
Stale booze and thunderous snoring assaulted her senses the moment she set foot inside. Gideon was stretched across the bed, wearing only his boxers and a worn out under-shirt. In his fist was an empty bottle marked “tequila.”
“Mr. Gideon?” She poked his naked calf with her finger. No response. Maialen moved to the other side of the bed, hoping for a better look at her unusual and reluctant new ally. Black hair fell in unruly strands across his face, hiding his eyes or any reaction to her voice. He was a big man, tall and broad, but his body remained lean despite his recreational drinking. Maialen wouldn’t label him as classically handsome, but his features were appealing.
She was beginning to fear she’d found his dead body until a loud snore vibrated the bed. Maialen stumbled away from his head and back to her original position at his feet. He didn’t stir. Mustering her courage, Maialen pushed at his calf harder. Her incessant tapping finally paid off. Gideon stirred. His eyes blinked open and he looked over his shoulder, giving her a blurry glare.
“Norm didn’t come back to the inn last night.” Maialen folded her arms and took a step back.
“How did you get out of your hotel room? And how the hell did you get in here?” He grumbled.
“Camille told me where you were staying, so I came to find you. The lock on your cottage door isn’t a very good one.” She lifted her chin and gave him the most intense, disapproving glare she could muster this early in the morning. “Did you understand me? NORM IS MISSING.”

Author Bio:
Cynthia's literary career began when she interned as a part-time columnist for a small entertainment newspaper. She wore several hats: food critic, entertainment reviewer and cranky editor. A co-author of horror and urban fantasy novels, her first solo fiction project - The Mutant Casebook Series - was published by Whiskey Creek Press in 2013. Cynthia is an active member of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers and lives in Colorado.

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