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Zeke Kincaid’s Woman by Betty Carlton

Title: Zeke Kincaid’s Woman
Author: Betty Carlton
Publisher: Sizzler Editions
Length: 113 Pages
Sub-Genres: Erotic Romance

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On the musical stage in 1856 Lori Ann a singer extraordinaire impresses the audiences with her voice. Male admirers line up for a chance to meet her.
An enamored Zeke Kincaid is one of them. When Lori Ann refuses his marriage proposal. She didn’t know about Kincaid men and the events she set in motion by rejecting him.
Zeke Kincaid would make sure she understood. She didn’t have a choice. She would love him. One day, Lori Ann the singer disappears.
Under Zeke’s control he’ll see that she learns the lessons of submission and obedience in the Kincaid family tradition. | | UK |

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Fair warning about this book, it involves kidnapping and dubious consent.

So this book leaves me in a quandary, it was well written and the characters were likable and easy to relate to and the plot was a good one, I have a hard time with kidnapping and training a woman to love you.

I felt that Zeke is funny, caring and truly wanted to make Lori Ann happy, so it was a bit at odds with him kidnapping her and using bondage and discipline to bring her around to being his wife. Lori Ann is a bit of a diva and spoiled but she is a stage singer so that fits. I liked that she was feisty at least at first. I liked the story, so my quandary was I liked it but I wasn't sure I should LOL

So over all I was surprised how much I actually did like the story and felt that it had a good level of steaminess, there is a good dynamic between Zeke and Lori Ann and the end up having good chemistry and a happy ever after.

Would I recommend this book to everyone no, would I recommend it to people who like there erotic romance with more of an edge to it? Yes I would.

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No one could accuse Ezekiel Kincaid of not knowing his own mind. A mind once made-up he stood behind with every inch of his six-foot-four inch frame. Another thing no one could accuse him of was not taking his time to find the right woman. Thirty-two years it took him to get here.
The small black box scooted across the table propelled by Ezekiel’s strong unfailing hand.
The woman across the table from him stared down at it. A smile from her set his heart to beat faster. He thought she was beautiful. She was young. She was enthralled with him.
‟Mr. Kincaid, is that for me?”
‟Of course, and it’s Zeke, remember.”
The young woman blushed. Zeke’s thoughts traveled down a road that told him she’d have a hell of a lot more to blush about once he had his hands on her.
‟Open it.”
It wasn’t a suggestion. Ezekiel Kincaid demanded she do so. Lori Ann Baxter never met the likes of the man whose table she shared, so she didn’t recognize the difference. Slender well manicured fingers gingerly picked up the velvet the box.
The hinges stiff from the newness as it seemed to resist opening. If it made a sound it could not be heard over the noise in the room.
Lori Ann expected earrings. Many men before Mr. Kincaid gave her presents. Earrings usually or a pin, but the contents of the case stunned her speechless.
‟Mr. Kincaid, I...”
The raised eyebrow on the face of the man she addressed caused her to stumble.
‟I mean, Zeke, I’m speechless. I never expected you. I mean we’ve only known each other seven days. I... I... .
The box closed with a snap. A snap that for the couple sitting there seemed to resonate through out the boisterous room.
‟The rings are exquisite, but I will not marry you.”

Lori Ann scooted the box back across the white linen table cloth. Back toward the man, whom no one ever dare reject before whether in business or his personal life.
Ezekiel sat there statue still. Only the throbbing blood vessel near his left temple gave anyone a hint of the anger consuming him at the moment.
Lori Ann looked sophisticated in the worldly sense of the word. In reality she lived a sheltered life, so unlike the personification of the woman people saw on stage.
Zeke didn’t respond to her rejection. Instead he chose to look around the room. The smoke filed air greeted his lungs as he took a deep breathe to calm down. The riotous noise that moments before he ignored, now echoed inside his head. Gratefully, the lights became subdued. The odor of the candle wax and oil lamps blended with the tobacco haze as the stage hands extinguished them. Only the lamps above the stage and the numerous candles stretched across the edge of the stage remained lit.
The stage took on a life all its own as it glowed, and the flames throwing their light danced when compared to the darkness now closing in around the tables and the rows of seats forming the audience.
A woman trying emulate the famous Jennie Lind walked on stage. She even copied her walk. The orchestra played, "I can but weep" by Robert Shumman.
The room quieted. The newest singer in a long sky-blue gown under the lights began to sing.
"When looking on thine a-sured eyes..."
Ah, now that woman could sing. Zeke thought.

He meant, Miss. Lind not the impostor in front of the crowd. Zeke knew because, he’d been one of those who parted with two hundred dollars just a few months ago. Money, he considered well spent. Miss Jenny Lind sung her heart out for the crowd in New York City, and he sat in the front row.
The vision in blue bowed and the room leaped to life with applause, cat-calls, and wild stomping of feet. Lori Ann finished clapping and turned to Zeke. An empty chair greeted her.
Not that anyone noticed, Lori Ann sighed with relief.

About The Author:

Betty Carlton is a time long resident of the tar-heel state. It was late in her life before she realized those pesky people in her head were characters who had something to say.
Even though she loved to read being a writer was never on her ‘Bucket list.’ She likes to read fluffy romance novels where the duke finds his duchess or the cowboy rides into the sunset with his lady love to live happily-ever-after.
Imagine her surprise, when she finally put pen to paper and discovered her leading men at times barely could be called a hero. Her stories have been referred to as dark, erotica, at times anguishing. She never had so much fun as when working the story lines. However, true to herself there’s always a happy ending.
‟Reading should take you away, but always leave you with hope.

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