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ARC Review Bound to Be a Bride by Megan Mulry

In 1808 tempestuous Isabella, daughter of the Duke of Feria, unites with rebellious Javi, a highborn aristocrat practiced in the art of hoj┼Źjutsu, Japanese rope binding. They meet in the forest of western Spain, where both are on the run from an arranged marriage…to each other.

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Megan Mulry gives us hot and historical, two of my favorite things in a book. The hero, Javi, is based on a real person and the political climate of the book is also based on fact.

I love a spunky heroine and Isabella has spunk in spades. Javi is more interested in what he can do for his country than the bride he is supposed to be marrying. When they both run away from marrying a stranger they run into each other and the chemistry explodes.

I loved the historical accuracy, I love characters from the 1800's getting their kink on, I love the feisty heroine and the suave Spaniard hero. This is a novella so it is a quick read however it doesn't feel rushed or like half the story was left out. I would look forward to more books my Ms. Mulry and hope that future full length novels will be out soon.

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I write sexy, stylish, romantic fiction. I graduated from Northwestern University and then worked in publishing, including positions at the New Yorker and Boston magazine. After moving to London, I worked in finance and attended London Business School. I've traveled extensively in Asia, India, Europe, and Africa and now live with my husband and children in Florida. You can find me procrastinating on Twitter.

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