Friday, May 3, 2013

Andrea at the Center by J.P. Kansas

"You're going to here at the Center for a few months. It's going to be the most enlightening experience of your life. When it's over, you'll be returned to where you taken from—a different woman."

Young and beautiful Andrea is, without warning, whisked away to a secret location, where a mysterious group devotes itself to the pursuit of sexual enlightenment through the use of many sensual techniques. Gradually, she's introduced to the ways of the Center by the people that gladly occupy it. Her sense of self and her understanding of sexuality are profoundly challenged, leading her to a new understanding of herself and the deepest sexual satisfaction.

Andrea at the Center, previously published by Masquerade in the 90's, has been fully revised with titillating updates for our Pink Flamingo readers! J.P. Kansas will thrill you with his stunning tale of straight, lesbian and gay sex, bondage, exhibitionism and all sorts of sex toys and dolls! The excitement does not stop there, however. Andrea's experiences are sure to arouse every fetish; from spanking and collars to threesomes and voyeurism. Andrea at the Center has everything you want in an erotic novel and more!

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Andrea at the Center has a bit of something for every taste when it comes to kink, be that menage, girl on girl, BDSM or foot fetishes. The premise of the book is that young men and women the "center" likes the look of are kidnapped and then trained in the ways of all things sexual.

The heroine, Andrea, starts out terrified and angry about her confinement at the center but slowly starts to enjoy the variety of experiences she is exposed to. She finds love, lust and a lot of orgasms along the way.

This book was not badly written, I did have a hard time connecting with Andrea she accepts her situation a lot easier than I would have thought. I think the biggest reason this wasn't for me is that it does include some of the things that are on my "hard limits" list, I don't enjoy urine play or menstrual oral sex so those were big turn offs for me. As I said the book itself is interesting and has an unusual premise with out some of the big turn offs for me it would have rated a 3 or a 3 1/2.

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