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Slipstream by Skhye Moncrief

Congratulations, Dr. Charlotte Barley! You won a one-way ticket to Diablo's Shithole!

Yes, Dr. Barley, you saved earth from humanity's extinction brought on by overpopulation, discovered wormholes, and gave humanity a new lease on life. But, you're being hunted by someone using a wormhole device you can't fathom, plagued by a type of sleepwalking that involves reliving your alien sexual experiences gleaned from wormhole journeys, and, yes, we see that you can't deal with your murdered bodyguards--mercenary Space Marines forced to anchor your body to a bed at night by acting out the sex memories haunting your REM cycle. Get over it already because there's nowhere left to hide except Diablo's Shithole...And the shit is about to hit Diablo's fan more than you could ever imagine...Because, deep down inside, you know you're into all that kinky sex.

So, who will the next victim be? Is tall, long, and corded astrophysicist Major Fitzroy capable of dancing with death to save your ass, or are you willing to sacrifice hotter-than-sin muscle-bound explosives fanatic Corporal Laurel? Just don't let their nuts rub together. And you know your alien-infested sexual dreams are a huge turn on for you. Just face the music, honey. Can your bodyguards fulfill the sexual fantasy of the king of all alien kings and his troop of humping brothers until the truth is exposed to save your ass?

So, Dr. Barley, you slut, ready for another slide down a slippery wormhole to Diablo's Shithole? It looks like a lot of fun. And more than those feet are going to get wet in the SLIPSTREAM.
Warning: Reader should be prepared for a heroine who curses like a sailor and knows she's a slut, Space Marines with sex on the brain, a Corporal with a clit fetish, aliens who bite and harvest things best left hush hush, as well as a little human m/f/m, even more alien m/f/m/m/m/m, and a plenty m/f in a plot heavily laden with reproduction and sexual gratification. Finally, this story proves one universal constant: it never hurts to drop the soap

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If you like your sci-fi hot and a little bit crazy then Slipstream by Skhye Moncrief is for you. Follow Dr. Charlotte Barley as she is reassigned to Diablo's Shithole (yup that's the name of the base) as she tries to locate the person using the wormhole technology she helped create.

I must say it took me a little bit to get into this book, it jumps right into the story and it is all a bit confusing however once you get into the book it is full of action (of many kinds) and the back story does unfold through out the book.
Dr. Barley has a strange dream/sleep issue that must be addressed and the commander at Diablo is her Godfather so he finds the whole thing something he doesn't want to think about much less talk about. There is a LOT of sex in many different types and by many different species in this book.

I would say if foul language, group sex or crazy plot twists bother your then this is not your book, however if you love a wild and crazy ride with hot men, hot aliens and a killer on the loose then you will enjoy this read.

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About this author:
Like many authors, Skhye wrote fiction while in junior high and high school. After attaining a BS in geology, she jumped back on the wagon full speed, California or Bust ever since. She loves to write and tends to forget everything, even the time, while in front of her laptop. Her genres include paranormal, fantasy, and sci-fi romance. She has been a member of Romance Writers of America since 2003.

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