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ELVEN BLOOD by Debra Dunbar

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Sam may be the Iblis, but she is also an imp with a price on her head. The powerful demon Haagenti won’t rest until she’s dragged back to Hel for “punishment”. Sam knows she can’t face Haagenti and win, so when an Elf Lord offers to eliminate the demon in return for her help, Sam accepts. It’s a simple job – find and retrieve a half-breed monster dead or alive. But finding this demon/elf hybrid isn’t proving easy and time is running out.

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Debra will be awarding an e-book copy of A DEMON BOUND (book 1 in the Imp Series) to a randomly drawn commenter at every stop, and a grand prize of a Kindle Fire with an ELVEN BLOOD book cover skin to one randomly drawn commenter during the tour (US ONLY).

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I want to thank Debra for taking the time to write a guest post for us.

Thanks for having me as a guest today! When I received my assignment, to write on “why we find elves sexy”, I’ll admit I did some thinking. Elves don’t top my list of Supernaturals I’d Like to Boink. I tend to prefer those bitey vamps (necrophilia aside), and men who howl at the moon (bestiality probably isn’t much better), but elves? They always seem to be arrogant and rather bigoted when it comes to associating with other races. Not just in my novel either- Tolkien’s elves also act superior and snooty. So why would I get it on with an elf? Here are my top ten reasons:
1. One With Nature – Elves have a profound relationship with the natural world. They seem to truly understand what the trees are saying, and what it means to be a sparrow. That closeness with their environment is very appealing.
2. Great Wisdom – Elves live a long time (in my books for tens of thousands of years). That longevity gives them the kind of wisdom about events and happenings that we humans with our short lives can’t see- kind of a birds-eye-view on life. Knowledge is sexy.
3. Unobtainable “Movie-Star” Distance – That haughty demeanor can be a real draw. Igniting passion in someone who seems far beyond our reach is a rush. Scoring an elf is like winning the Pulitzer Prize – yeah, baby! (fist pump)
4. Magic – Whether it’s communicating with animals, opening up a gate to another dimension, or chanting to protect someone from evil ghouls, it’s all hot!
5. Great Bods - I don’t know if it’s their diet, or a high metabolism, but I’ve yet to see a fat elf. They all have lean, rocking bodies that appear to advantage in those tight pants. And they are clean. Even after a ten day march through the sweltering marshes, they look fresh and hygienic. I’ll bet their breath still smells minty too.
6. Awesome Hair - Yes, hair that Fabio would envy. Elves have long, flowing locks. Thick and shiny, in an intricate, braided do, or cascading across their shoulders, elven hair is just much a draw as those beautiful almond shaped eyes.
7. Parties – Elves throw incredible parties. No wonder everyone is constantly tromping through the woods, trying to crash them. The bonfires, the wine, the singing and dancing, the feasting – count me in!
8. Excellent Bakers and Toymakers – This may be a stereotype, but personally I love a man who is good with his hands. A guy who can make an X-Box out of paperclips and scrap metal, and whip me up a box of Fudge Stripes cookies is more than halfway to my heart.
9. Great Hunt – This is right at the top of my list for a good reason. I adore horseback riding, and foxhunting. Admittedly, the elves actually kill whatever (or whomever) they are hunting, while we just chase it around, but I’m willing to overlook this. Honestly, a guy who looks great on horseback sends my heart racing. This alone would make me melt.
10. Ears – I’m not really an ear fetish sort of gal, but who can resist running a finger (or a tongue) along a sensitive ear, especially one with a sweet point at the top?
Okay, so maybe I’ve changed my mind. They may not have that animal appeal, or drink my blood, but that’s fine with me. Elves are sexy, I agree.


Leethu was on my sofa with a bottle of vodka in one hand and a carton of milk in the other, alternating swigs of the beverages as she watched the morning news. I put on a pot of coffee, because I knew she hadn’t the foggiest idea how to work the machine, then went up to shower. My room was trashed. Despite my edict, the succubus had slept in my bed, gone through every drawer, dumped out half the contents of my bathroom toiletries. I was beginning to rethink my hospitality.

“Are you heading out somewhere today,” I asked her before I left. “Dance club? Biker bar? Grocery store?” She was going to destroy my house from boredom if she didn’t get out and incite orgies somewhere soon.

“The angels will get me if I leave. I’ll just hang here and watch porn. Don’t worry about me at all.”

I did worry about her; and my house. I made a mental note to pick up more booze on my way home, and see if I could grab some smutty magazines. Maybe I’d hook her up with an Internet chat room later. That might entertain her for a while.

Leaving Leethu to her pay-per-view porn, I headed in to Frederick to lose myself in the joy of rent collecting.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Debra Dunbar lives on a farm in the northeast United States with her husband, three boys, and a Noah’s ark of four legged family members. Her urban fantasy novels feature supernatural elements in local settings. In addition to A DEMON BOUND, SATAN’S SWORD, and ELVEN BLOOD, she has also published a short story erotica series titled NAUGHTY MOM. Connect with her on Twitter @debra_dunbar on Facebook at debradunbarauthor, and on her website at .


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  1. Not being into the vamp scene or the lycanthrope idea - I'd have to go for an elf. The exotic nature and long hair alone would be good for me. But throw in the magic, levitation anyone? A sprinkle of that long-lived for the experiences, yes please!

  2. I just finished reading my e-copy of your book. It was really awesome and now I can hardly wait until I can read the next one. Please hurry with it.

  3. Nice list of reasons

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  4. Gecko-artist - I'll send the next elf I see your way!

    MomJane - so glad you liked it! Book 2 (Satan's Sword) is out now, as is Elven Blood (Book 3) So no need to wait - they're at Amazon, B&N and Smashwords. I'm working on Book 4 right now and should have it out this fall.

    bn100 - Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Congratulations on the publication of Elven Blood! Great post on sexy elves. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thank you - glad you enjoyed the post :)

  7. Debra...I'm looking forward to reading A Demon Bound this weekend! It's on my kindle right now.
    catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

  8. Sounds like a really good series!!
    Thanks for the chance to win!
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  9. Dude, I just love elves. I don't even mind Tolkien's snooty elves...They are just freaking cool. They are badass in an understated and epic way. (p.s. Enjoying Demon Bound!!!)

    andralynn7 AT gmail DOT com

  10. Thanks for the chance to win! Such an awesome tour, book, and prize!!!

    hense1kk (at) cmich (dot) edu

  11. I'm with you, elves are totally sexy. My number 1 reason why? Legolas. End of discussion.