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Tickling Daphne H. by Veronica Frances

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Tickling Daphne H. follows the ticklish journeys of Daphne, Dave, Carol and Harold, exploring how tickling deeply affects the lives of these four people.

The story deals with the many different faces of tickling; the addictive and torturous, the pleasurable and erotic and the humorous and romantic.

This is the very unusual love story of Daphne and Dave, two people facing their tickle-demons together. It is primarily the journey of Daphne, a 21-year-old very ticklish woman. Daphne finds herself in a world where every important person in her life has a tickling fetish, including her boyfriend Dave. She finds herself constantly surrounded by feathers and wiggling fingers, unable to escape the taunting sounds of her own laughter. She is also unable to escape her own mixed-up feelings about tickling.

As Daphne’s relationship with Dave grows, she must learn to face her fears and deeper feelings about tickling, for the sake of their relationship and herself.

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It was a lovely spring afternoon in New York City. Even though it was such a beautiful day outside, it was a bit gloomy inside the Hamilton family brownstone on the Upper East Side. Daphne Hamilton was very depressed and in no mood to attend her 21st birthday party that her stepmother Carol had planned for her. Daphne had a really bad fight with her boyfriend Dave the day before.

Dave and Daphne had been talking about having a life together, but the fight they had made Daphne feel doubtful about their future, though Dave was not doubtful at all. He was planning on being at her party, no matter how bad a fight they had. Daphne was unaware of the fact that he felt really bad about the whole thing and was planning on attending the party. She felt so foolish about how she had behaved. She felt certain he wouldn’t even want to see her, let alone attend her party.

Daphne was angry with Dave for always trying to tickle her. She didn’t understand why he kept trying to nibble her earlobes and touch her in so many ticklish places, when she had made it clear that she did not want to become intimate until she turned twenty-one. She was adamant about remaining a virgin until after her 21st birthday. Besides being extremely ticklish, she was afraid tickling would lead to sex and she just wasn’t yet ready.

She had always wondered why Dave was continuously trying so hard to tickle her. She suspected perhaps there was something more to his obsession with tickling, but she was afraid to bring it up. She was afraid of being tickled by him; afraid she would lose control and end up deep in his arms, in a place that was reserved for the night when they would first make love.

She was so hoping they would make love after her party, but she felt so silly about the way she had acted, pulling away from him and giggling like a child, as his fingers lightly tried to probe her and seek out all her giggle spots. She never even allowed herself to say the word tickle in front of himbecause she just knew in her heart it would lead to more. So, she never talked about tickling with him, even though it was quite obvious he wanted so badly to tickle her. She felt so horrible. How could she possibly go to her party feeling like that?

Daphne’s stepmother Carol knew Dave was coming to the party, but wanted her stepdaughter to be surprised. Carol had no idea Daphne had barricaded herself in her bedroom, face down on her bed, her long curly auburn hair draped across her pillow. She finally turned her head to look out the window, her beautiful blue eyes slightly swollen from the tears that had drenched her fair-skinned freckly cheeks. Her 5’7”, 175-pound body was tired from all the crying she had done. She was dressed very casually in an oversized pullover green shirt, blue jeans and blue Bart Simpson socks.

Carol loved Daphne dearly, but wanted her to finally find her own place and get married to Dave, the man she loved. Although Carol also had trouble letting Daphne grow up and go out on her own. It was a source of great confusion for Carol. She wanted Daphne to leave home and get married, yet she was afraid for her, as she knew Daphne had issues with Dave that really needed to be worked out.

Daphne felt like she needed more independence and didn’t like that she was still living home at twenty-one. She worked for her father’s business and was financially secure, with a full real estate license. She and Dave were planning on moving in together at some point. She had decided to continue living at home until they found a place together and came to the mutual agreement that it was time to take that next big step.

Daphne was pouting up in her room. She sat down in despair on the chair by her dresser, brushing her hair lightly, when her stepmother walked in. Carol looked so chipper, in a bright orange cotton pullover shirt and blue jeans. She was wearing pretty beige sandals, which seemed to add a bit of a bounce to her step.

Carol was a feisty, young looking confident woman in her mid-fifties, standing at about 5’4”, with medium-short reddish hair and a light to medium complexion. Her height often fooled people into thinking she was passive and unassuming. Carol was anything but passive and unassuming. She was loving, but strong and could be extremely tough and single-minded when she wanted to be.

“Daphne? Why aren’t you getting dressed for the party?” Carol asked, surprised to find Daphne moping around and feeling sorry for herself on the day of her party.

“I’m not going to the party,” Daphne replied.

“What do you mean you’re not going? Your father and I have been planning this party for weeks.”

“I am not going! Dave and I had a really bad fight yesterday and I’m feeling lousy and ugly. I don’t feel pretty or special and I just don’t want to go.”

Carol stood behind Daphne and put her hands gently on her stepdaughter’s tense shoulders.

“Daphne, you are not ugly. Now I don’t want to hear you talking like that. So you and Dave had a fight. All couples fight. Don’t let a fight with a guy decide whether you are going to your 21st birthday party.”

“Mother, you don’t understand!”

“I’m afraid I understand better than you think. Now come on, get dressed.”

“I said I am not going!”

“Young lady, you are not going to miss your 21st birthday party, not after all the work your father and I have put into it! You’re going!”

“NO!!!! YOU CAN’T MAKE ME!” Daphne yelled, folding her arms and sitting down on her bed, where she proceeded to pout and act like a five- year-old.

Carol stood there, looking at her stubborn, now fully-grown stepdaughter and dreaded what was coming next. Carol had bought Daphne a beautiful new white dress for the party and she was not going to allow her stubborn stepdaughter to get out of trying on the dress and wearing the dress to the party. In fact, Carol was not going to allow her to miss the party, the party she and Daphne’s father had spent so much money and time on. That kind of disrespect just simply wasn’t tolerated, at least not by Carol.

Daphne’s mother died when she was four. Even though Carol was Daphne’s stepmother, Daphne had always thought of her like a real mother and began calling her Mother immediately after Carol married her father when Daphne was six. They had always been very close, but Carol was a woman who knew how to get what she wanted and she wanted Daphne to try on the new dress, to wear the dress and to go to the party.

Carol thought she would try to convince Daphne by showing her the beautiful new dress and by helping her to try it on. She hoped that would work, because one way or another, as far as Carol was concerned, Daphne was going to go to that party, even if she had to force her.

Meanwhile downstairs, Daphne’s father Harold Hamilton answered the door to find a very handsome young man standing there, with a big smile and a bouquet of a dozen red roses.

Harold was a very tall man in his mid to late fifties, standing at 6’4”, clean-shaven, with broad shoulders, a medium complexion, a medium to broad build and salt and pepper hair. Physically, he had a very dominant presence about him, but was a kind and gentle man at heart.

Dave Parker was an extremely sensitive and nice guy. He would be twenty-four in three months and stood at 5’10” with jet-black hair. He had a medium build, fair skin and a very good, clean-shaven complexion. He looked very young for his age. He was wearing a tuxedo and looked like a centerfold from a teen magazine. He was very smart and mature for his age and was pursuing law with everything that he had.

Daphne had met Dave at a bowling alley one night two years ago, when she was out with her friends. She was just nineteen. To her, he was a handsome and captivating older man of twenty-two. He was working his way through law school by working at the bowling alley in the evenings. Daphne’s parents approved of Dave because he was so smart and had a lot of potential to become a fine lawyer and also because he loved Daphne so much. Dave came from a very wealthy family, as did Daphne, but Dave wasn’t a stuck-up rich guy. He loved bowling alleys and wanted to work to help his parents with his college tuition. Dave’s parents lived in Florida and he had relocated after he was accepted into a New York City law school.

Dave needed to talk to Daphne about their fight. Daphne was always putting down her slightly plus-sized body and he had lost his patience with her. He loved her body and hated when she put herself down. That was how their fight had started. Then, as he tried to tickle her, it escalated.

He also needed to talk to her about something else that was very important to him. Dave had a very intense tickling fetish and he had never felt comfortable sharing that information with his girlfriend of two years. He had been talking to a therapist about it and he was just beginning to accept that he did not want to shake his fetish. Tickling was a big turn-on for him and he was finally able to fully accept that fact.

Daphne was always pulling away from him because his touches and nibbles tickled her. He was usually an extremely patient man and respected her boundaries, but he was trying to find the courage to tell her the truth about his fetish and how important tickling was in his life. He had been very patient with her because he loved her and he had been sacrificing his love of tickling for two years, never revealing his true obsession with it. He had put his love for her ahead of his own needs and he felt it was time to tell her the truth.

He was also dealing with the fact that he had a mild dominant side and that he wanted to eventually restrain Daphne while tickling her. His therapist wanted him to be honest with Daphne about his fetish and his dominant side and he was ready to do that, even though it might stir things up a bit between them.

Daphne and Dave had a rather unusual relationship. They had taken their relationship extremely slowly and started out as friends. They had somehow managed to be together for two years and not fool around until recently. Daphne had a lot of self-respect and Dave loved her for it and was willing to take things slowly. Because they had agreed to wait until after her 21st birthday to make love and because she was still a virgin, he knew he couldn’t truly tickle her in the way that he wanted to. He knew it might lead to a level of intimacy that she just wasn’t ready for, so he didn’t force the tickling on her, or his dominant side, mild as it was.

He had kept her in the dark about his secret tickling desires and it was eating him up inside. Luckily, he was so busy with school that he didn’t have much time to brood about how non-physical their relationship had become. He knew that would change after she turned twenty-one and he was ready to welcome that change with open arms.

He was now ready for so much more. He loved her so much and he felt bad for losing his patience the way that he did, regarding her body-image issues and her unwillingness to be tickled. He wanted to help her explore her ticklish side and he was ready to confront her about it that night, after her party. He loved her with all his heart, but he wanted to tickle her and hoped that after he shared the truth with her about his fetish, that she would let him and stop pulling away all the time.

Dave stood nervously outside the Hamilton’s front door. Harold shook his hand and let him in.

“Hi Dave, it’s nice to see you, but the party isn’t until much later,” Harold commented.

“I know. I came early for a reason. I wanted to surprise Daphne and have a talk with her. I feel really bad about our fight. Oh my, it’s only 4 o'clock. I guess I am a bit early. Isn’t the party at 6 o'clock?”

“No, the party was moved to 8 o'clock. I have an important meeting at the office tonight, so Carol was able to move the party later.”

Dave looked embarrassed that he had shown up more than four hours early.

“I guess I can leave and come back later. Gosh, I feel kind of silly being all dressed up so many hours early. I guess I was so upset over our fight, I wasn’t thinking.”

“Nonsense! Why don’t you come in and we can have a little chat before I leave for the office. Daphne should be down in about an hour or so, maybe longer. You know how women are when they’re getting ready,” Harold commented.

Dave chuckled. Harold led him into the very large kitchen and put the flowers into a vase. Dave was seated on a stool and Harold was fixing the flowers, finally leaning up against the kitchen counter.

“Dave, I’m so sorry about the fight that you guys had. I think Daphne is pretty upset about it.”

“Well, it’s my fault sir. I should have been more patient. Daphne is so special and beautiful, but for some reason, she doesn’t seem to think so. I like women who are not real skinny, but she thinks because she doesn’t have a supermodel body that she is unattractive. When I told her she was beautiful, she didn’t believe me and I’m not even sure how the fight began. I just know I want to make things right.”

“If you want to tell me about it, I am willing to listen,” Harold offered.

“Well sir, it isn’t just that she hates her plus-sized body, it’s that she keeps pulling away from me all the time. All I tried to do was nibble her earlobe. I always try to nibble her earlobe and kiss her neck and she always pulls away. And then I play with her feet……I’m sorry sir, perhaps that is too much information.”

“Nonsense, Dave!! You and Daphne have been together for two years now. You know I feel that you are the right man for my daughter and I’m sure Carol would agree. Dave, you have been with Daphne for two years and you mean to tell me you still don’t know why she pulls away from you?”

Dave began to smile, looking down at the floor, as he felt so bashful and shy speaking to Daphne’s father about such a personal subject.

“Dave.....,” Harold began, standing really close to the blushing young man. “You do know how ticklish my daughter is, don’t you?”

Dave was beaming.

“Of course I do, sir. When I try to nibble her ear.........”

Dave stopped himself.

“Yes Dave, what happens when you try to nibble her ear?”

Dave was almost chuckling, as he spoke.

“She giggles and pulls away. I’m afraid it tickles her, sir. I suppose I try to tickle her a bit too much. She just runs away. She giggles at the slightest poke of my finger.”

Harold chuckled.

“Yes, Carol is the same way. Isn’t it delightful?”

There was a moment of brief silence, after the forbidden and somewhat taboo subject had been broached. Then there was laughter and the loud, boisterous sound of male testosterone echoing throughout the kitchen.

“Dave, I am so relieved to hear that you are aware of my daughter’s predicament.”

“I certainly am, sir. I don’t know if I should be discussing this with you.”

“Dave, I like you. I trust you with my daughter’s heart. I am very aware of how ticklish Daphne is and how frustrating it must be for you sometimes.”

“Yes sir, but it is kind of wonderful,” Dave replied, with a very large grin on his face.

Dave and Harold were in such close proximity to one another, neither one aware of the fact that the other had a very severe tickling fetish. Harold had always had an all-consuming tickling fetish and he tickled his wife Carol for many years, until one day, she forbid him to tickle her anymore.

Carol also had a tickling fetish, having grown up in a family that used tickling as a form of reprimand. She and her younger sister Debbie were tickled by their mother whenever they misbehaved.

One of the things that brought Harold and Carol together was their love of tickling. Carol was a tickler, but was also deathly ticklish herself, just like Daphne. Carol forbid Harold to tickle her once she went into menopause because she became so much more ticklish and the thought of being tickled frightened her terribly. Harold rarely allowed her to tickle him and that had always frustrated her.

Harold was completely clueless about how ticklish his wife had become, because she led him to believe she had lost all her sexual desire. As much as Harold loved her, he was frustrated and spent a lot of time at the office, putting a slight strain on their marriage.

Dave was completely unaware of Harold and Carol’s tickling fetishes. He only knew that Daphne was ticklish and that she never allowed him to tickle her. Just as Dave had felt uneasy confiding in Daphne about his tickling fetish, Daphne felt just as uncomfortable telling Dave all about her parents’ obsession with tickling. She certainly felt uneasy discussing her own ticklishness with him. Dave was very aware of Daphne’s fear of being tickled. He knew it was time to help her overcome her fears and he was ready to discuss it with her.

Harold looked at Dave and smiled.

“Yes, it is wonderful when a woman is ticklish. Dave, my daughter will have to be the one to discuss this with you and you should make her discuss it with you.”

“I believe you’re right, sir. We have just never really talked about it.”

“Well, see that you do talk about it. Communication is very important in any relationship,” Harold pointed out.

“You’re right, sir. I have let Daphne get away with this for far too long. I must confront her about this.”

“Dave, I love and respect my daughter and this is an issue between her and the man she loves. I would love to advise you further, but that would not be fair to Daphne.”

“I understand sir and I will do my best to make things right.”

“That a boy!!” Harold exclaimed, patting Dave firmly on the back. “Listen, I have to leave for the office. I will see you later at the party. Carol is upstairs with Daphne and she is making some big deal out of a new dress she bought for her. Why don’t you take a seat and Daphne will be down soon. Oh, I almost forgot, the bathroom down here is out of order.If you have to use the toilet, use the one in the hallway upstairs. Just knock first in case Daphne is getting dressed.”

“Thank you sir. I would like to wash up.”

“I’m sure Daphne will be very happy to see you. I won’t tell her you’re here, so she will be surprised. See you at the party,” Harold said, leaving the premises just in time, as things were about to get a bit crazy upstairs.

Dave sat down on the couch and watched television, as trouble was brewing up in Daphne’s room.

Dave had been watching TV for several minutes and decided it was time to use the bathroom. He made his way upstairs and was surprised to hear the yelling coming from Daphne’s room. He continued up the stairs and stopped just outside of her room, where he was able to peek discreetly around the corner.

He was shocked to see his adorable Daphne yelling and screaming at her stepmother. He was just as shocked to see Carol being so argumentative. Carol was usually such a reserved woman, although he knew she could be quite forceful and outspoken when pushed.

Dave was stuck. What should he do? Should he get involved? As the yelling between the two women increased to great volumes, he decided to just stay put and see what unfolded. He wanted to be there for Daphne, but he was a little intimidated by Carol. After all, she was Daphne’s stepmother and he felt she needed to be in charge of the situation. So, he stayed discreetly outside the bedroom where he had a perfect view of what was going on.

He also knew how close Daphne and Carol had always been and didn’t feel right interfering.

At this point, Carol knew she would have to force Daphne to go to the party and she had no problem doing that. Daphne was being so mean and disrespectful and she was hurting Carol’s feelings. Carol knew she could not let her get away with that kind of behavior.

“I am not going to this stupid party!” Daphne yelled.

“Oh, but you are!” Carol replied, firmly.

Daphne recognized that tone in her stepmother’s voice. That was the tone Carol got very rarely, but when she did get it, anyone who knew her knew she was going to get her way. Carol meant business and Daphne looked a bit nervous all of a sudden.

“Fine, I’ll go!” Daphne conceded, standing up and facing Carol, whose slim, extremely well toned body was parked right in front of her.

Thank God, Carol thought to herself. Now she wouldn’t have to force her stepdaughter to do anything. What a relief, or so she thought.

“I will go to the party, but I am going just as I am!” Daphne announced defiantly.

Carol knew the trouble wasn’t over yet. The party was a dressy occasion. Men had to wear suits or tuxedos and women had to look nice. How could she let Daphne go to the party dressed in an ugly, oversized green shirt, blue jeans and Bart Simpson socks?

“Young lady, you are not going to the party dressed like that! Come on, take a bath and you’ll feel much better.”

“I am fine! I don’t need a bath!”

“Daphne, you are going to get dressed and take a bath. Now take off your clothes. Please don’t argue. I am losing my patience.”

By now, Dave was growing really concerned. He didn’t want to embarrass Daphne by interfering and he couldn’t seem to get up the courage to go inside and confront the situation. Carol was insisting Daphne get undressed and he was more than just a little bit thrilled about that.

He wondered how Daphne’s body looked under her oversized clothes. She had not taken off her clothes for him yet because they had agreed to wait until the night they would first make love. He had been under her shirt many times, until she would giggle and push his hand away. She was always wearing a bra and she always kept her pants on.

Since they had decided to wait until after her 21st birthday party to be more intimate, and being that her birthday party was just around the corner, Dave remained ever so patient. He was angry with himself for wanting a sneak preview of her naked, sexy, voluptuous body. He had a feeling Carol just might make that possible for him a bit sooner than expected. He was a man after all and a very horny man at that, and if he could get a little preview of coming attractions, why not? He felt guilty for feeling that way, but his male hormones made him want to see her naked body and his patience had started to wear very thin.

He knew clothes would soon be coming off and he just couldn’t pull himself away from the door, the large frame keeping him well hidden from view. Daphne and Carol were so intensely involved in their dispute that they wouldn’t have noticed him anyway.

“Look at this beautiful dress I bought for you. I am not sure it will fit. Why don’t you try it on?” Carol suggested, trying to sound really positive.

Daphne looked at her stepmother with disgust and almost growled at her. Dave felt Daphne was being kind of rude, which really wasn’t like her at all. Carol was just about at the end of her patience.

“Young lady, you are going to try this on!”

Daphne tried to resist, as Carol held the dress against her. Daphne seemed nervous and fidgety. Dave didn’t understand why she was so uptight.

“Hold still Daphne! Look how pretty! Come look in the mirror.”

Daphne stood in front of the mirror, as Carol grabbed some measuring tape from the dresser drawer.

“Daphne, either try on the dress or be measured. It’s up to you.”

Daphne didn’t budge.

“Daphne, if you don’t try on the dress, I will have to measure you.”

It almost seemed like Carol was threatening Daphne with the measuring and Dave wasn’t sure why. What was the big deal about being measured? Carol just continued her mission, not seeming to care very much about what Daphne wanted.

“Okay Daphne, have it your way!! Arms out to the side,” Carol ordered.

“No!” Daphne protested, pouting and looking so defensive.

Now Dave really felt Daphne was acting childish and could understand a little bit why Carol was losing her patience. He felt his girlfriend was acting very strange. He had never seen her quite so uncooperative and uptight, except when he tried to nibble her earlobe, or touch her in certain forbidden ticklish places for too long.

“Young lady, I said lift up your arms!” Carol ordered, her patience continuing to wane.

Daphne raised her arms out to the side and lightly giggled, as Carol measured her. Daphne began flapping her arms up and down, as if she were going to sprout wings. She was trying so desperately not to laugh. Her tiny little giggles were barely audible, but Dave thought he heard a few giggles pass through the tense atmosphere. interesting, Dave surmised to himself, becoming more than just a little bit amused, when he realized that the measuring seemed to tickle her. He suddenly realized the reason for her being so uptight and why the measuring might be unpleasant for her.

He raised his eyebrows and tilted his head to the side, totally enthralled in Daphne’s strange behavior and tiny giggles. His eyes were intently focused on her, as she tried to fight her overbearing stepmother.

She bitched and complained as Carol measured her and she just couldn’t hold in her giggles any longer.


“HMMMMMM.......this seems to be tickling you. Does it tickle?” Carol asked.

“Eeeeeeeeee-heeeeeeeehahahahahaha, YES! OH PLEASE MOTHER, I REALLY HATE WHEN YOU MEASURE ME!!! IT TICKLES!!!!!!”

Dave was ecstatic, as he was finally getting to see his beautiful girlfriend being tickled. He was finally getting to hear her laugh for more than two seconds and he was getting to hear her actually respond to being tickled. He had never really been given the chance to hear her respond much, because she was always pulling away from him before he had the chance to truly hear her delicious giggles and laughter.

His girlfriend was indeed extremely ticklish, with the most adorable laugh he had ever heard. He was even more excited hearing Daphne admit that it tickled her. Daphne had never used the word tickle in his presence and it just sounded so sexy and real, coming out of her sweet little lips. Daphne fought Carol every step of the way, making it increasingly difficult for Carol to measure her.

“Look how babyish this looks! I am not wearing this child’s dress! I am a woman now......eeeeeeeheeeeeeeeheeeeeheeeeee!!!!!!!” Daphne protested, sounding much more like a ticklish child than a woman.

“Oh really! Well, you are still living under my roof and I say you are wearing this dress! Hold still young lady! You are making this very difficult!”

Dave felt guilty watching this very private and ticklish stepmother-stepdaughter moment. Daphne just wouldn’t stop moving around and Carol had to keep touching her to hold her still. Daphne’s shirt was incredibly lightweight and she could feel Carol’s nails moving around, as Carol kept having to reposition the measuring tape on her ticklish, fidgety body.

It appeared to Dave that Carol didn’t mean to tickle her, but at that moment, he was still blissfully unaware of Carol’s tickling fetish.

He knew Daphne probably hated being measured because of her body image issues. He loved her curvaceous, slightly plump and softly rounded body. He wished she could see herself in a much more loving and positive light and that she could see herself the way he saw her and love herself from the inside out.


Daphne’s nipples hardened, as the ticklish measuring continued to drive her crazy. Carol seemed to notice that she was not wearing a bra.

“Daphne? Are you not wearing a bra?” Carol asked, causing Daphne to nod sheepishly. “Well, no daughter of mine is going braless to her 21st birthday party. You say you are so grown up. Well, grown-up women wear bras. Now hold still young lady!” Carol reiterated, as she wrapped the measuring tape around her, in some very ticklish places.



Dave’s arousal was escalating, as she was being tickled and measured, from armpit to buttocks.

Now he knew for sure just how ticklish she truly was and he was lucky enough to witness the incredible phenomenon. Daphne was one ticklish, hot babe and she was all his! He felt very lucky and truly blessed. He had always loved her, almost from the first moment he saw her, but the fact that she was so extraordinarily ticklish, made him love her even more.

“I think it is the right size. Okay, all done,” Carol commented ever so casually.

Daphne lowered her arms. She tried to walk away from the mirror, but Carol stopped her.

“Don’t turn away from me young lady! We have to get you ready for the party! Now take off your clothes!”

Daphne pouted, turning her back angrily on her stepmother.


“WE’LL SEE ABOUT THAT!” Carol exclaimed, a wicked gleam forming in her eyes.

Dave somehow knew there was more trouble soon to come. He still felt uncomfortable showing himself and getting involved. His ambivalent arousal kept him in his place, hidden from view behind the large doorframe. He just continuedwatching, as this very unusual stepmother-stepdaughter scene unfolded, right before his very voyeuristic eyes.

-- Excerpted from Tickling Daphne H. by Veronica Frances

About the Author:

Veronica Frances is the pseudonym for a creative writer, residing in New York City. She has had a love of tickling for her entire life. She enjoys singing and writing songs. She also writes non-fiction and poetry.

Her latest book is Tickling Daphne H.


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