Thursday, December 20, 2012

Guest Post w/ Jodie Pierce

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Demise of the Vampire Queen, the final book in Jodie Pierce's Vampire Queen Trilogy


Jodie, thank you for agreeing to come on My Reading Obsession and tell us a little about yourself and your work :O)

Tell me when did you know you wanted to be an author? What age were you when you started to write?

I started writing in middle school but started dreaming about a career in it in high school when I received positive feedback from my English teacher.

Your books The Vampire Queen and The Vampire Chronicles are obviously about vampires, where does your interest in vampires come from?
I wish I knew. I just remember laying in bed one hot summer night and wrapping the sheet around my neck so ‘the vampires couldn’t get me’. I was about 8 yrs old but don’t know if I saw a movie with them or what even made me aware of the situation.

What is the first vampire novel you remember reading and how does the other vampire books you have read effect your writing?
When I read the book, The Vampire Lestat and that’s what helped me decide to write about vampires. Before that it had been about high school crushes, etc-childish stuff. Also, when I read Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty series that I decided I could start writing erotica as well. Christine Feehan has had a hand in encouraging me in that genre as well.

Who is your favorite vampire male and female? (other than your own of course) Aalyiah from Queen of the Damned.

Would you want to be a vampire?
Absolutely, as long as I could take my hubby along with me as my companion. I wouldn’t want to be a vampire alone without him.

Okay rapid fire questions:
Coke or pepsi Coke
Cake or icecream Ice cream
Halloween or Christmas HALLOWEEN!!!
Doc Martins or Prada Neither
Morning person or night owl Night Owl
Kilt or Wranglers Wranglers
Ebooks or paper Both

Thanks so much for spending this time with us Jodie!

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