Monday, December 31, 2012

ARC Review: Wildly by Debra Kayn

Shauna Marino left Cottage Grove, California an innocent teenager, gangly, wild and with no fashion sense, always diving headfirst into whatever feelings ruled the moment. Now, she’s back to fix her mistakes. She’s gained a respectable job, set a plan in motion to benefit the town, and all that’s left is to prove to Grayson Schyler she’s changed. Maybe this time, he won’t tell her no when she shows up naked and asks him to make her a woman.

Grayson Schyler, former Wimbledon champion, would've recognized Shauna anywhere. She’s made his life sweeter one moment, and hell the next. As someone in the public eye, he’d gone to great strains not to allow the media to misread their relationship, which wasn't always easy when Shauna was around. Now she’s back, asking for his help, and all he can think about is if she came back to make him pay for what he’d done.

Release Date: 21 January 2013


When two people with messed up families meet when he is 19 and she is 12 and become friends the age difference to him is HUGE.

When those friends are now 25 and 18 and she is in love with him the experience difference seems insurmountable to him.

Now she is 24 and he is 31, she is done with college and has come back home to make up for all the trouble she caused both him and the town trying to get his attention back then, with all the walls he has built around his heart can she make a difference?

Shauna first real crush was Grayson and her only love has always been Grayson. She has gotten a job in her home town working as the head of the Chamber of Commerce and she hopes to show Grayson, along with the entire town, she has grown up and matured. Her first order of business is to get Grayson to help her put on an event with some famous sports celebrity friends of his to help revitalize the town and boost tourism in Cottage Grove.

Grayson had tried to put Shauna out of his mind, she was the type of girl who should fall in love, get married and have a family, that was something he just was not prepared to give her. His celebrity status as a former Wimbledon star gets him all sorts of women that he can use and leave and not have to worry about it. Why then is he so affected by her return to Cottage Grove?

I must say that at the beginning of this book I thought that Grayson was an enormous jerk, but as we get to know him and his reasons behind some of the things does I came to like him a lot more. I really could empathize with Shauna, I mean who hasn't had a crush on a hot older guy and of course making a fool of yourself over said older guy is a rite of passage.
I enjoyed the give and take between Grayson and Shauna and the relationship Shauna shares with her dad. The side story about Shauna's dad and mom is also compelling and helps us to understand Shauna and her reasoning process.

I think that Debra Kayn has put together a compelling story that shows us love evolving and changing over time and in all facets of the lives of the main characters.



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