Tuesday, November 13, 2012

VBT/Review INCENDIARY by Chris Redding


What if your past comes back to haunt you?

Chelsea James, captain of the Biggin Hill First Aid Squad, has had ten years to mend a broken heart and forget about the man who'd left her hurt and bewildered. Ten years to get her life on track. But fate has other plans.

Fire Inspector Jake Campbell, back in town after a decade, investigates a string of arsons, only to discover they are connected to the same arsons he'd been accused of long ago. Now his past has come back to haunt him, and Chelsea is part of that past.

Together, Chelsea and Jake must join forces to defeat their mutual enemy. Only then can they hope to rekindle the flames of passion. But before they can do that, Chelsea must learn to trust again. Their lives could depend on it.

Chris will be awarding a framed picture of the wrought iron bridge mentioned in the book to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour. Be sure to comment on the other blogs on the tour for a better chance.


Chelsea James has lived in the small town of Biggin Hill her whole life and her whole life she had something to prove to herself and her mother, Even now that her mother has been gone for years she is still trying to prove she is something more that just the smart one in the family. Chelsea devotes her energy to captaining of the Biggin Hill First Aid Squad, she feels like its the least she can do for her fathers memory.
After Jake ran off all those years ago she has built up plenty of walls around her heart to stop herself from getting hurt again.

Jack Campbell has returned to Biggin Hill as the Fire Inspector after fleeing the town years before under a cloud of suspicion of him setting fires and leaving Chelsea behind heart broken. Immediately upon Jake's return to Biggin Hill another fire is set, He knows he had nothing to do with it but how does he go about proving his innocence. On top of that his old feelings for Chelsea have returned with a vengeance but until things are worked out catching the arsonist then he can't pursue anything with her.

I love a good mystery and this has the makings of just that, Old flames, unsolved crimes, greed, lust and fiery chemistry between the hero and the heroine. The depiction of small town politics and gossip is spot on and the answers to the multi-layered mysteries are hinted at and doled out through out the book leading up to the climactic ending.

I had a hard time following the story at time because the back story was doled out in drips and drabs here and there. I felt I didn't have enough history worked into the beginning to understand the characters and their motivations. I did enjoyed the interaction between the siblings as well as between Jack and Chelsea. Over all I give this book 3 out of 5 flowers.



Penny eyed her for a moment. "Set the table."

Chelsea moved to put silverware on the farm table at the opposite end of the kitchen. Brad walked in through the back door.

"Hey, Brad. What's on the grill?" Chelsea asked as if their argument hadn't happened.

He smiled. "Some beautiful T-bone steaks. I made some bleu cheese dressing too."

Chelsea smacked her lips. "Mm, sounds good. I'm starved and tired."

"You work tonight?" Penny asked, putting the salad bowl on the table.

Chelsea shook her head. "Nope, but I'm on duty for the squad."

"Riding for the squad, again? Third time this week," Brad said and frowned.

She shrugged. They'd been here before. "They need help and I can give it."

Taking a beer from the refrigerator, he took a long swallow and set the bottle by his spot at the table. "When are you going to give up on that place?"

Penny visibly cringed.

Chelsea gritted her teeth. "What I do with my time is my business."

"I just don't understand you. You put a lot of time in and don't get anything back. And then there's the money."

She propped her hands on her hips. Ignoring his money comment, she asked, "And just what do you get back from the fire company?"


"Besides free beer and cigars on poker night. It's not about getting anything tangible back." Though she knew it was. She clung to the last bit of her father she possessed.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:
Chris Redding lives in New Jersey with her one husband, two kids, one dog, and three rabbits. When she isn't writing she's chauffeuring her two boys to activities and working per diem in her local hospital.