Thursday, November 8, 2012

ARC Review: The Little Book of Sex Secrets by Nicole Bailey

The Little Book of Sex Secrets
Author: Nicole Bailey
Hardcover only
144 pages
Expected publication: February 5th 2013
Published by: Duncan Baird

Whether as a naughty read at bedtime, a quick peek for excitement while you're traveling, or an ecstatic experience to savor with your lover, this hot little book will leave you inspired. Nicole Bailey, renowned for her guides to sizzling sex play, shares sensational sexploits, no-holds-barred erotic fantasies, and mind-blowing, eye-opening tips. From the art of seduction and super-sensual massage to Tantric techniques, stunning stripteases, and the wicked world of power games, The Little Book of Sex Secrets has it all


I was offered this book to review through NetGalley and thought that with all of the romance I read it would be fun to throw in a non fiction about spicing up our own romantic lives.

The subtitle for this book is spot on Red Hot Confessions, Fantasies, Techniques & Discoveries
This book details, flirting and seduction, massage, enhancing your orgasm, boosting your self confidence, letting your wild side out, finding your body’s hidden hot spots using "ultimate orgasmic positions" and even a little information about power exchange and BDSM.

This book is written so that people with a wide variety of knowledge about their body, different sexual positions, experiences and comfort with a bit of kink can read and use. So while some of the tips or techniques maybe something you personally already know and use there is sure to be ideas you hadn't thought of on your own.

Each chapter has tips, techniques, ideas and a shared fantasy or confession of naughty behavior (those can be a little like the letters to Playboy or Cosmo).
There are photographs and drawings detailing everything from striptease to role play and from oral sex positions to ones to be used when you become a gold medal gymnast.

As I said the idea here is to write a book everyone can find something in and I think that Ms Bailey succeed in this, she has ideas that span quite the spectrum from very vanilla to light BDSM. I have to say if you are already a kinkster then this probably isn't going to be the book for you but for most everyone else you can find some fun ideas to put some spice into your bedroom or kitchen table or hood or your car or the hot tub or maybe a public park (don't get yourself arrested I won't come bail you out LOL)

Photobucket Because of the subject matter and the photographs I felt it important to give this book a heat rating even though it is non fiction.

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