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NetGalley Review: Secrets and Lords by Justine Elyot

The summer of 1920 brings illicit affairs to stately home Deverell Hall. Lords, ladies, butler and maids all succumb to the spirit of the roaring 1920s as sex and scandal take over.
Lord Deverell's new wife has the house in thrall to her theatrical glamour. His womanising son, Sir Charles, has his eye on anything female that moves while his beautiful daughter, Mary, is feeling more than a little restless. And why does his younger son, Sir Thomas, spend so much time in the company of the second footman?
Into this simmering tension comes new parlour maid, Edie, with a secret of her own – a secret that could blow the Deverell family dynamic to smithereens.

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Set in the 20's during a time of great change in the world where the rights of women are concerned Secrets and Lords is the story of Edie and her discovery of a deep dark secret as well as her discovery of herself as a sexual being.

Ms. Elyot has many twist and turns in the action taking place all around and with Edie between her secret reason to become a chamber maid to her secret lust for Sir Charles we are taken on a maze of plot twists, unexpected revelations and more secrets by other members of the household as well. We come to find out that just about everyone at Deverell Hall is keeping a secret and living a life apart from what they present to the world.

Secrets and Lords has some pretty steamy scenes that even include a little bedroom play BDSM, very light bondage. I like that the secondary characters in the story had their own scandals to hide from it added some depth to the story. Being set in the 20's as opposed to the regency era allows for more freedoms for the characters and the story.

This was an enjoyable read, with interesting characters and a surprise ending.

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About this author:From her Goodreads page...
I am Justine Elyot. I love to write erotica and erotic romance. Elements you are likely to find in my work include: moustachioed melodrama villains, whips, wisecracks, knights in tarnished armour, damsels under duress, lovers, leather, aquiline features, references to popular songs. I massively overuse qualifiers like ‘really’, ‘quite’, ‘actually’ etc. and can’t resist the temptation to substitute long words for ‘said’. Reviewers either rave or cringe, with very little middle reactive ground (insert Marmite cliche here). Which will you do?

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