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His Right Hand by Silence O'Shea

Mike Jasper might be one hell of a catch on paper, but he’s still lacking in a few crucial areas. Just ask his impressive list of disgruntled, dissatisfied exes. Who knew good looks, a hard body and plenty of money weren’t enough, especially between the sheets? When it comes to sex, he reluctantly admits he needs help. And who better to ask than his longtime assistant? Ellen is his right hand, completely devoted. She already sees to his business needs. Surely she can offer a few pointers in pleasure?

After a humiliating demonstration of his limited skills, Jasper’s relieved when Ellen agrees, apparently recognizing a cry for help when she sees one. And the first thing he learns? His intelligent, austere assistant has been hiding an insanely hot and horny vixen under those business suits! Before long, Jasper’s office is a flesh-filled pleasure den, Ellen’s sexual satisfaction crucial to finding his own. He’s learning more than he’d ever dreamed possible under Ellen’s titillating tutelage…included some unexpected lessons in love.

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Silence O'Shea is a relatively new Indie Author and His Right Hand is her first offering having hit the market March of this year. I will tell you this is a name to keep an eye out for because first novel or not this was a really good book.

His Right Hand refers to Jasper's executive assistant that he thinks of as his right hand man, that is until he calls her into work on a Sunday and she shows up in a cute little sundress and not her usual power suit. Ellen may be just what Jasper needs seeing as how he is just coming to understand he sucks in bed. Ellen for her part is hesitant at first but after a personal display of his ineptitude she agrees to show him how to satisfy a woman.

His Right Hand is an erotic novel but doesn't have any unusual sexual acts detailed, it is hot but not smutty, it also has some of the funniest moments of dialogue I have read for a while. It is a fun love story set in this the modern age with a woman who knows her mind and her body and a poor little rich boy who has never had anyone explain to him the mystery of a womans body.

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About the Author:
Silence O'Shea lives in a tiny woodland town in the extreme Northern U.S., where the citizens like to consider themselves pious and upright. In reality, the lust-filled locals generate enough heat to melt the polar ice caps. As in any good Catholic town, dirty deeds are afoot behind closed doors. Some people just have to share their exploits--and Silence is a superb and trusted listener. She'll never spill anyone's secrets, but that doesn't mean she can't use the naughtiest bits and most colorful characters as inspiration for her work.

Silence is a lifelong reader and newbie author, and as such, is open to any and all input from fellow booklovers. If you like her work, please let her know. If you weren't overly fond of a story or character or setting, etc., have advice or suggestions, or would like to see her try a particular something, by all means, friend her on Facebook and drop her a line. She's a friendly sort who wants to hear from everyone.

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