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NetGalley Review: Super Hot (Superlovin' #3) by Vivi Andrews

He’s on fire for her… literally.

Superhero research scientist Dr. Eric Eisenmann always secretly wanted to be super himself, until he was abducted, experimented on, and woke up pyrokinetic—the least stable of all the super abilities. Suddenly he’s lighting everything around him on fire whenever his emotions get the better of him and desperate to turn his super powers off. Unfortunately, Eisenmann’s only hope for a cure lies with a woman who wants nothing to do with him—and fires up the very emotions he needs to keep in check.

As the only non-super daughter in a superhero dynasty, Tandy Nightwing has been poked and prodded for years in an attempt to find the cause behind her defect. Now that she’s finally found a way to be happy with her normalcy, the last thing she wants is to subject herself to another super scientist’s tests—but she can no more resist Eisenmann’s plea for help than she can resist the good doctor himself.

Deep in his underground lab, Eisenmann tries to maintain rigid control of his feelings, but Tandy is his personal kryptonite, constantly testing his restraint. Powerless or not, she just might be the one woman brave enough to stand close to his fire—provided they both survive when their experiments unleash a passion that burns hotter than sin.

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While Super Hot is written as a stand alone novella it is book three in a series and I for one had a hard time with not getting a lot of the back story having not read one and two so while it can be read alone I would highly recommend reading books one and two first.

Turned into a super against his will Dr. Eric Eisenmann is now a pyrokinetic, unable to control his fire a lot of the time he has turned to living in his mostly cement lab in a bunker. He needs the assistance of Tandy Nightwing the only known non-super born to super parents, Eric hopes that by studying her he will be able to treat himself and others like him.

Eric has no room in his life for a woman or uncontrollable lust especially when it makes his fire rage but he never expected Tandy Nightwing to be so hot herself. Tandy is busy trying to prove herself as a non-super in a super family she has devoted herself to school and now the company she doesn't have time for a man even if she finds Eric super hot albeit super unstable.

Super Hot is set in a world where being a superhero is just normal, where they have a special prison just for super villains and building a ray guy is a legitimate solution offered to a problem. This is a fast paced story with not only the romance that brews between Eric and Tandy but also a crisis for the supers to solve. This would be a good afternoon by the pool before the kids go back to school sort of book.

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About this author:
Vivi Andrews writes paranormal romantic comedies and sexy shape-shifter romances. She lives in Alaska when she isn't indulging her travel addiction. For more about Vivi, please visit her website or blog.


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and books 1 & 2

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