Thursday, June 6, 2013

Shore Leave by Anastasia McKellan

Eighteen months ago, Navy pilot Greg Marsters was banished from Wyndham Shores, Massachusetts after his marriage fell apart. Now he’s returned to spend his shore leave restoring antique schooners for his old mentor so that he can buy a boat of his own. After making the biggest mistake of his life, Greg has vowed to steer clear of romantic entanglements, but he soon finds himself drawn to an old friend from high school.

Melanie Grantham is the only person in town interested in hearing Greg’s side of the story, and despite his promise to sail away alone the first second he can, Greg takes her up on her offer for the sexual healing they’re both in desperate need of. Their hot nights throw him for a loop, and the sex is out of this world. But Greg can’t forgive himself for the mistakes of his past. Will he leave Melanie behind again before he realizes he’s been given another chance for true love?


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Wyndham Shores, Mass is the setting for Shore Leave and it reminded me of every small town I have known, everyone knows at least something about everything that is going on with anyone in town. When Greg Marsters makes a mess of his marriage everyone knows about it and no one wants to hear what happened from his side, not that he is doing much talking about it he is to busy beating himself up over it.

Melanie is your classic girl next door with a huge crush most of her life on Greg, it isn't until he comes home after being injured in a rescue operation with the Navy that she gets to see him again and the chance to pursue the man she has been fantasizing about for years.

Ms. McKellan gives us a damaged hero and a heroine who has been hurt it makes them both rather gun shy. I liked the premise of the story and the love/sex scenes are hot, however I did find that I thought the story could have used a bit more depth to it. I guess since the characters knew each other in passing most of there lives that was the reason for the less is more approach to backstory. I did have a hard time with the repetitiveness of Gregs argument against getting in deeper with Mel and his self flagellation yes he should feel like a putz but I don't want that to be part of every scene and conversation.

I saw a lot of potential in this storyline, I would have loved to hear more about Greg's Navy career, a bit more background on the town and his family background. Overall it was a fun read and I liked it.

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This was between a 3 & 4 on the heat scale
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About the Author
Anastasia McKellan has always loved losing herself between the pages of a book, and she enjoys writing stories about redemption and love that lasts forever. Her hobbies include taking long walks, studying film history, and hanging out with her two dogs. She currently resides in Washington, D.C. Wherever she is, she’d rather be by the sea.

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