Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ten Favorite Series~ Part Two

To recap I am posting some of my favorite series that are out and are awesome that don't get mentioned like the should...

If you haven't heard of Charlaine Harris you must have been living in a cave. Not only have the Sookie Stackhouse novels been hugely popular the TV show based on them, True Blood, is talked about seconds after a new episode airs. The Lily Bard Mystery's are another series written by Ms. Harris and are just as good if not better.
Hey no throwing thing!

What do you get when you mix sci-fi and romance? Well if you're Cathryn Cade you get a compelling mix of the best of both genre's. Her Orion series is another "hey this is a new author" moments. She is also writing a series that is getting some time around the blogosphere lately called Hawaiian Heroes.

Dragon Shifters!
I really shouldn't have to say more than that to send you to this series and have you download it to your e-reader, however, I will tell you Michelle M Pillow is a prolific writer and you should looking into everything she writes not just the Dragon Lords series I have featured here.

Who hasn't read The Princess Diaries or seen the Disney move of the same name. Well did you know that Meg Cabot writes something less YA and more romance.
The Heather Wells series is written with an adult reader in mind and has a wonderful mystery style twist to them. LOVE LOVE LOVE these books!

Laura Kane's Vampire Warrior Kings series (in most cases I would wait until there were at least 3 books to call it a series but these are just to good to not share) is another to keep up on and not miss. Laura's Hearts of the Anemoi series is super hot right now and with good reason it's amazing but be sure not to miss this other series being written by Laura.

So there you have it, ten series some the step child of a famous series by an amazingly hot author, others you may never have heard of the author. These are all books I have read the series and give them my endorsement as well worth reading!


  1. Awesome post. I will have to look into Vampire Warrior Kings series and Michelle M Pillow dragon shifters.

  2. Carin,

    This will teach me to keep up with Twitter! Moved across 3 states this summer, and all that entails ...

    Thanks so much for the mention on your fabulous blog! Am pimping you around my online world, lol. (Couldn't resist using that term for a Self-Proclaimed Book Ho)

    Planning paraquel series to The Orion Series, should be out beginning next spring. Would love to send you some review copies.

    Now back to your reading--and enjoy!